I see you.
Hitting reset on your life everyday.

Wake up.
Do the same shit.
Wonder why nothing changes.

You’re so addicted to the struggle and pain, it’s no wonder you can’t see anything else.

It’s no wonder you hide, numb and avoid your own reflection.

It’s no wonder you refuse to choose anything else.

You’re running on auto pilot 99% of the time, letting decisions you made ages ago impact who you are now.

And who you want to be in the future.

You’re like a zombie each day, robotically crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.

Then throwing your hands up at the sky, asking why nothing changes even though you never expect it to, do you?


The sad part?

You don’t even realize you’re an addict.

You’re so addicted that you think you don’t have a problem.

You think the world, your job, your spouse – everyone ELSE is the problem.

You’re so deep into your never-ending cycle that you don’t see that you’re the one choosing all of it.

You’re afraid of breaking that cycle and you don’t even realize it –

because at least you know what to expect from the struggle and pain.

At least you can give those a name.
You know them by face.
You know the well.

So you keep choosing them.
And then pointing the finger at anyone or anything nearby as to justify your addiction.

Making you the victim.
Rendering you powerless.

Allowing yourself to continue living as and BEING an addict of pain, lack and struggle.

Harsh, I know.

I know you may not like what I am saying.

But if that’s the case, then you may be exactly where you need to be.

No addict wants an intervention.

This is yours right here.

You’re addicted to the pain and struggle.
You’re addicted to lack.
You’re addicted to negativity.
You’re addicted to being broke.
You’re addicted to feeling like shit.
You’re addicted to toxic relationships.
You’re addicted to playing victim.

You are addicted to anything and everything that gives you permission to –

Stay small
Stay broke
Make more excuses
Blame others
Not take care of your body

And yes, you are choosing it, you are.

How do I know this?

Because I used to be you.

And, I, too, wasn’t accepting responsibility for my own happiness and life

I, too, was addicted to the same cycle of being so comfortable in the uncomfortable that I couldn’t imagine being actually comfortable 🤯

I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve tried everything, but let me ask you this:

Have you?
Have you tried E V E R Y T H I N G?

You haven’t.

There’s no way you have because if you did, you’d be there.

And you’re not.

But you’re so addicted to this cycle that your mind and body smell you coming a mile away.

The second you even consider breaking the cycle, your body reacts, your nervous system goes into replay, and your mind responds with all sorts of seemingly justifiable FEAR.

All to stop you from releasing the addiction and breaking the cycle.

To stop you from realizing once and for all that YOU GET TO CHOOSE and you do not have to keep choosing this.

How much more will you allow this addiction to cost you?

How much more of YOURSELF are you willing to forget because if this addiction?

How much longer do you want to live addicted to the cycle, instead of living EMPOWERED?

You have an opportunity RIGHT NOW to break the cycle – ALL CYCLES.

Now that you KNOW what your addiction has fully cost you, what will you choose to do with it?

I invite you to get guidance and support from someone who’s risen from the ashes more than once.