Your mediocre results are not a sign that you’re on the right track; they’re a sign that your half ass results are a product or your half ass energy.

You cannot be in half way/half ass with energy.

It just doesn’t work like that.

It’s like saying you have faith but constantly giving in to fear. Everyone does it.

It is a choice.

You journal, meditate, visualize and do all the things, but when it’s time for you to take action (aka put the down payment on the dream in front of God), you flake.

You resort to the safe bet.

You go with what’s comfortable.

You do what you always do because that’s just what you do.

You consider everyone’s feelings and needs.

You do the “responsible” thing.

You tell yourself that what you already KNOW needs to be done is “too much” “too aggressive” too soo .”

You find any and every reason to not GO ALL IN.

Then you get mediocre results and tell yourself over and over that it’s a sign.

That you must be doing something right because you got that close to almost taste it but NADA.

Maybe the first couple of times it was a sign but now?

You’re just half assing your energy and half assing TRUST.

So of course, you’re not going to see what you want come to fruition the way you’ve journaled and visualized it.

Why would it?

Instead of having the discipline to choose the action with energy aligned to what you say you want, you settle, lower your standards, go back to black.

Do you see what you’re doing?

You’re saying you want something, forcing yourself to bring your awareness to it by doing some inner work for it; and then you’re consistently repelling it by choosing the OPPOSITE energy. 🤯

The opposite actions. 
The opposite of who you would be, what you would feel and do if you were 💯 all in. 
The opposite of surrender and trust.

Every time you lower your standards, settle and go in the opposite direction of what you want, you are telling yourself that you have more control over the thing you want by taking the safe bet; but in reality, you are pushing it away because control is the opposite of surrender and trust.

You cannot decide, act and trust if you are always looking for the route that feels the safest because it gives you a false sense of control!

You say you want to go all into your business and empire, but you keep choosing to hold onto all of the excuses and stories that have kept you where you are.

You say you want a better body, but again, those old excuses are more comfortable than giving up Netflix and moving your ass?

You say you want to love yourself more but everyday you choose the old energy of not being able to for whatever BS reason sounds good at the moment.

Your half ass energy is creating a war inside you, and the only way to win is to MAKE SPACE.

Release what/who doesn’t serve you.

Everyday. On repeat. Even when it’s scary and feels hard.

Staying aligned isn’t always comfortable or pretty.

Stop telling yourself that you’ll all of a sudden see magical unicorns and rainbows because if were that easy, everyone do/would have it.

Only take action that is aligned with what you truly want.

Ruthlessly edit everything else out. No one can do it for you.

Let go of all the things and people that you know in your core contradict where you want to go and who you want to be.

Can’t you see that every excuse, story and reason you can come up with is just an old energy fueling that war in you?

Reminding you that you can’t, shouldn’t and that it might hurt.

Yeah, it might hurt. Suck. It. Up.

But doesn’t it hurt more to sit there working for what you want and getting half ass results because you simply refuse to fully release EVERYTHING/EVERYONE that is in the way of you getting there?

If it doesn’t then this isn’t for you.

I don’t talk to zombies, running through life on auto pilot, blaming everything and everyone for their own damn choices.

But you’re not a zombie. That’s why you’re still reading.

And somewhere inside, you’ve always known that having one foot in and one foot out will keep getting you nowhere.

Just like you’ve always known that if and when you truly go all in, you’ll have everything tou ever dreamed of and more.

That can be scary, too.

And it’s ALL still a choice:

Pick a damn side of your energy already.

Fear or faith?!