Earlier today I was talking to my business partner (aka husband) about hiring our first full-time employee for our real estate businesses.

We talked about the numbers and what that would look like for the next 6 and 12 months. We both agreed that it would be the next, NEXT level for our real estate businesses and that it was essentially non-negotiable at this point.

We went as far as to give ourselves a tentative timeframe for hiring this person after getting some minor affairs in order and creating her/his role to break down her/his responsibilities.

After a few minutes of talking and literally flowing and selling the shit out of the idea to him –

even though I really didn’t NEED to try because he started the whole convo, talking about why he didn’t want to do some of the things he was doing because they weren’t aligned –

he agreed with a big smile on his face and walked away in slow motion to start processing it.

A few minutes later, from another room, he started talking about how I have more experience hiring and firing people because of my time at corporate, and how he was glad he didn’t have to deal with that side of it.

Then he nervously mumbled “well, we still have time to prepare for this thank God.”

For a moment, I agreed with him and felt a slight discomfort at the notion of having an “employee” again.

But then something clicked.

It reminded me of was it like getting the Mercedes Benz just 90 days ago or manifesting a flood of buyers and seller clients for the brokerage and investment opportunities for that stream of income.

All those things happened because we did ONE thing consistently.

We each took responsibility for our focus and energy around those goals and IMMERSED ourselves in already having it.

My response could not have flown out of my mouth faster and at the same speed that I intended to hit him with, ricocheted in my face:

“That’s why you have to prepare for it now. Do the work. Act like it’s here now. Believe that it’s on the way. That’s how you manifest it FAST. When you already feel like you have it, you’re ready to receive it.”

You do what you need to do.

You do the work NOW because if you were ready for that next level, you’d have it already.

And you don’t.

That’s why it’s called the next level, duh!

The work is the only thing that prepares you, mind-body-soul, for THAT next level – whatever that is for you.

Without the work,

all of the work, inner and outer, you’re simply not opening yourself up to even ALLOW, forget to RECEIVE what it is you are asking for!

Without doing the work,

you’re a person with a poor mindset who hit the $500 Million jackpot and ends up broke in a year because you weren’t ready for that LEAP because……you.didn’t.do.the.work.

Without the work,

you are the person who continues to chase your own tail, start, stop, and start again because you have lost your sense of purpose without the…….WORK!

How backward do we have it most of our lives until one day it clicks?

I hope this is the day for you.


What work? The inner and outer.

The negative thought habits.

The painful emotional baggage.

The labels (aka words) you use to describe your life but are really describing your reality.

The self-destructive and sabotaging behaviors.


And if you don’t want to that’s fine, but don’t sit there and complain.

Because the only one who can suck it up and do the work is you.

The only one who can even SAY what the work is – is YOU.

No one is telling you what to do.

No one is forcing you to look in the mirror.

You have to want it.

You have to want to SEE IT.

You have to want to look in that mirror finally.

Wipe it down and take a good look at who is staring back at you.

Because that’s the person who holds the key to everything you’ve ever wanted and needed.

And the work is what removes anything and everything that’s in the way of you getting there.

The work is what frees you from all your self-doubt, fears and limits. The work is your down payment to God, the universe and whatever the heck you believe in that says with INTENTION AND FIRE-




Stop avoiding the work you know needs to be done.

Stop numbing yourself with food, drinks or whatever it is you use to not FEEL.

Confront your thoughts.

Embrace your feelings.

Move your body.

Do the work that will set you FREE.

And so it shall be!

Love V