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How is that working out for you, anyway?!

Maybe you’ll go shopping again
Or have a drink
Or eat again
Or purge again
Or have another smoke
Or buy something else you don’t need
Or pop a pill
Or pop out another baby
Or call some guy or girl
Or scroll on Facebook like a zombie for hours

Maybe you’ll just continue living as if you have no other choice.

No way out.

Is that really what it’s come to? Have you really given up?

Because I know that’s what it feels like when you look around sometimes.

But please don’t yourself you’ve tried everything. Because you haven’t. If you had, you’d be there.

Please don’t tell yourself anymore that it’s the time, money, kids, the life you were dealt.

I lived there too long, as well. I know what that’s like.

I know how easy it can become to play THAT part –

A victim of circumstances
A product of an unorthodox childhood
A person who never gets a break
A person destined to struggle
A person with a rough upbringing
A person stuck on the wrong side of hustle

A person who with every waking breath, ALWAYS finds a way to blame something and/or someone for their feelings, results, LIFE.

A person who thinks they’ve tried it all but they haven’t taken one good look in the mirror.

Don’t you see?

When you keep blaming this person, that event, this reason, that excuse – you relinquish YOUR POWER.

Every time you blame someone or something else for where you are at, for your feelings, for your results, you give a little bit of yourself away.

It becomes easier and easier to let things go.

To eat anything even if it’s not good for your body.
To skip the gym.
To not prioritize your time.
To not take care of yourself.
To shop senselessly.
To do the wrong things at work.
To date the wrong men/women.
To sabotage your success.
To get in your own way.
To hate yourself.

To, to, to, to …..until you are just a walking zombie, running on a shitty auto-pilot system.

Eventually, you let yourself GO.

You stop caring about so many “little things,” they impact your life in a BIG WAY.

You feel like you’re trying everything, but you’re looking in all the wrong places for answers.

Be real with yourself already for your own damn sake!!

Have you?…….let yourself go?

Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Behaviorally? Spiritually?

Because you probably haven’t realized that once you let ANY part of you go, you let all of you go.

You won’t find harmony within yourself, your business, life, relationships, etc.

And when we are not in harmony, we can’t feel happy because we don’t feel WHOLE.

You can’t give up on your health and claim to have the greatest mindset, relationships or spirituality.

You can’t be a health nut, and ignore your mental and emotional well-being.

You can’t go to church every Sunday and then act like God doesn’t exist the other 6 days.

One way or another, they are all connected.

When you let any part of you go, the rest will follow.

Don’t let yourself go.

In any way, shape or form.

Don’t be one of those people that looks back and asks themselves why they stopped taking care of themselves, doing the things they love and truly living life not just surviving it.

Don’t let your body go because it will scream out to you for change every chance it gets, and you deserve to live a healthy life and to love what you see in the mirror.

Don’t let your mind go because your thoughts are the gateway to all creation, and whatever you think becomes what you do, and becomes what you get!

Don’t let your feelings go because those feelings can cause disease and illness to manifest in your physical body. Not to mention, if not addressed, block you from happiness!

Don’t let your spirituality go because you were CREATED for a purpose AND YOU KNOW IT!

But feeling like shit because you think there’s no other way out is NOT it.

You’ve already done everything you can do on the outside.

You’ve avoided, hid and numbed yourself enough.

It’s time to look within and do the work that will really transform your life.

It’s time to stop focusing on what you want, and start focusing on what’s been stopping you from having it.

But here’s the thing, though –

So many of you will say you want it.
So many of you will feel a spark within you when you read this.

So many of you won’t do a damn thing about it because continuing to let yourself go feels safer than the FEAR of stepping into the unknown, killing your comfort zones and believing in yourself.

No judgment here. I’ve been there, too.

But let me ask you this:

What’s scarier:
The pain of changing, or the pain of staying EXACTLY the same?

It’s all a choice. Your choice.

Your move,