I help individuals who are committed to challenging their fears and limits because they know they were meant for more. Those individuals are committed to self-mastery and excellence, and our work together allows them to release emotional baggage, erase limiting beliefs and re-wire self-sabotaging behaviors for success – starting from the inside (mind + heart + soul), out (body).

My mission as an Author, Speaker and Integrative Coach is  to help you empower yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for ongoing personal and professional growth. 

You deserve to finally be who you were always meant to be and have the life you dream of (not one you feel stuck in).

The only question is: How bad do you want it?



Integrative NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Sessions

Success Mentoring

Business Coaching & Consulting

Life Coaching

Leadership & Positive Psychology

Aromatherapy, Meditation, Visualization, EFT, and so much more!

Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions


The UPLEVEL experience provides big dreamers with big goals and a hunger for success with just the right amount of one-on-one support, guidance and accountability. For six months, Clients benefit from two monthly coaching calls, Voxer two-way access, and consistent growth and results on their way to the top. 

Anyone can benefit from a Coach, but UPLEVEL is for the individual committed to excellence as a lifestyle and long-term plan. Growth takes time, and having a Coach has been proven to shorten that time and increase your chances of success.

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Unlimited access, including unlimited Coaching calls, unlimited Voxer two-way access, and two in-person sessions/events.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

Before working with Vanessa I was stuck in perfectionism about how I wanted to show up for my clients value-wise. After our sessions, the idea would not stop flowing. It was like something had removed a block I had that allowed me to access exactly what I wanted to say to my clients. And the best part was that it was in me all along! Vanessa just helped me get it out.

Kiera Casanova, Executive Leadership Coach & Trainer @ keiracasanova.com

Applying all of the mindset techniques, emotional balancing and business growth strategies Vanessa has taught me in the few years we have been working together has helped me tremendously. Not only have I gained more confidence, it helped me believe in myself enough to publish my first book.

Sam Goss Life Coach, Sports Psychologist, Author @ straightforwardcoaching.org