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When you find yourself,

you’ll realize

that you were there all along

You’ll remember all the times

You tried to surface but stuffed it down

You’ll relive all the moments

You broke free and took the crown

You’ll feel regret, pain and ask why

But You’ll know exactly why

it took so long to feel the high

of your own essence in the nude

You’ll be so ready to move on

You’ll disregard past delays

You’ll focus on the now

No matter how long it takes

You’ll see the why and how

Everything will make sense

Your lower self will bow

The world will be a different place

Full of endless possibilities

That were always in your face

But fear didn’t let you see clearly

You’ll see the light within

And everyone will, too

You’ll shine so damn bright

You won’t know what to do

You’ll no longer have to fight

To find your way back home

All of you, completely you

From the inside out, will spark

Then finally let your soul DO

And shine light at the dark

That’s been keeping you away

From who you truly are

And the things you want to be, do and say

No longer in that cage

You’ll be completely free

You’ll look in the mirror and know

You were born to be Untamed.