In all the things you do each day to hustle and do what you were born to do to call in all the beautiful blessings you want – 

Do you ever stop to look within deeper, and ask yourself if you’ve reached the point of obsession over not having what you want, exactly when and how you expected it?

I know there are memes and quotes or whatever about being obsessed in a good way, and I totally agree with them, to an extent.

When you love something, being obsessed at some level with it, is healthy. It is the object of your focus, after all.

But I also know that when you want something really bad and are not sure how or when you will get it, and/or you’ve already been working toward it for a while, it can turn into an unhealthy obsession. 

That obsession turns negative quickly when you hit low tides and rough patches.

It becomes harder to release the need to know how exactly everything will turn out, and just decide and trust that it will. 

It happens to everyone at one point or another, I presume.

The key is knowing how to find and access the balance, sure.

But that is perhaps also the hardest thing for humans to do because it requires refocus and realigning on an on-going, continuous and non-stop basis.

Wanting something you’ve never had before requires you to elevate all of yourself to another level. 


To ITS level.

To believe it’s possible and already happening.

To be that person now.

To do that, you must constantly examine the level you’re at now, and adjust anything and everything that prevents you from moving in the right direction.

People are so distracted by a millions things every second of every day. That level of focus, commitment and at moments ruthless actions, is easier said than done.

But see, the real problem with letting your obsession turn on you is that it keeps you in a state of constant, agonizing lack, and you don’t even realize it.

You think the mis-aligned hustle and heart-racing anticipation of having it “finally” is a normal part of the process.

You go about your days doing, doing, trying, and cycling back to not having it yet.

Why it’s taking so long

Why it’s happening for other people and not for me yet

Why its so hard

Why are so many things in the way of me having it now

What am I doing wrong not to have it yet

Am I worthy of having such a thing

Do I deserve to possess such a thing

If it’s meant to be, shouldn’t it already be here

The list goes on.

We’ve all been there.

It’s a paradigm of not having the thing we want most, that ultimately begets the same. 

That is not obsessing about something in a “healthy” way, if there even is such a thing.

When you feel like you are constantly working towards something, but don’t feel without a doubt certainty that it’s on the way and that it is YOURS, you are telling every cell in your body that you really don’t know at all if you will have it.

You’re telling yourself ON REPEAT that you really can’t even imagine what it feels like to have it.

You are repeating, on an unconcious level, I am WITHOUT it.


You repel it.

You push it farther away because what you are emitting outwards says 





I expect that having this knowledge now will lead lots of you to some form of introspection.

Seeing all the ways in which you have been doing this.

Applying it to your lives, beliefs, and BEINGS.

Perhaps feeling awakened to the power behind being responsible for it.

But how many of you will actually do something about it?

I’ve already given you the solution

Are you doing the work that’s aligned with your soul?

Are you trusting the process?

Are you making space for it by removing anything and everything that stands in its way?

Or will you continue to be one of those people – 

Saying you want it and feeling like you’ll never have it

Having a million reasons why you don’t have it yet

Always finding something or someone to blame

Pushing to have it instead of attracting it naturally

Searching for more ways to make it harder on yourself

When it can be really so damn easy.

What does it feel like for you to KNOW that your lungs will take the next breath?

That the sun will rise in the morning?

That you’d do ANYTHING for a loved one?


There is no doubt.

There is no constantly thinking about when and how it is going to arrive.

There is no stressing and worrying,  feeling as though you’ll never have it because you already know it’s done. 

When you think about those things, every cell in your body KNOWS.


If you don’t feel the same certainty about what you want, your ONLY mission is to tune in, connect with your body and soul, and do the inner work necessary on repeat until you DO.

Not once a month or whenever you crash and burn.

But everyday. Show up for yourself. Do the damn work on YOU. 

From the inside out.

Get tired of your own bullshit.

Commit to a higher level and become that person right now.

Because you can’t have any of it if you don’t believe it’s possible. 

That’s what’s been keeping you from having it all this time, don’t you see?

What other solution could there be?

By releasing and trusting, you set yourself free.