When an unexpected source of synchronization happens over the weekend that shows you clear as day one of the biggest resistances you’ve had, what does the aligned, soul follower do?

Whatever she needs to do to remain aligned 🙌🏼

No shame. No guilt. Not a care for what people think, say or do because this. is. purpose. 🥰

Today I woke up feeling like I had won $100 million jackpot. To say that my life is perfect and that I have everything I want would be a lie.

But to sugar coat that I am actively attracting all of the things I what I want, in various parts of my life and self simultaneously, on the DAILY, would also be complete bullshit.

Because I am.

Because they are showing up like clockwork, and because I understand that them showing up, may look different than what I got fixated on.

You see, like most people, for the longest I believed that attracting what you want came down to either it shows up or it doesn’t.

It either falls on my lap, or I decide it didn’t work and move onto the next shiny thing to try and get me there.

I know I am not alone.

And that’s why you see most people go from trying to be grateful for something they don’t have yet one moment, to feeling complete defeat the next, when something reminds them that they don’t actually have what they want and they have no idea how or when its coming to them.

So they get fixated on not having it, when it’s coming and why it’s taking so long.

They try to focus, but their focus ends up in the same shallow pit of nothingness.

Meanwhile, God is throwing signs at them left and right, trying to show them what’s in their way; trying to get them to acknowledge it, heal it, release it.

But they are too busy to see it because all they want to see is that they don’t yet have it.

All they wanna focus on is the work they feel they’ve done that entitles them to IT.

If you are actively working on creating a better life and business, listen up:

A) It either shows up and falls on your lap. That’s it. Meant to be. No questions asked.


B) It shows up as resistance that you MUST work through in order to attain the thing you want.

Either way: IT IS SHOWING UP!

Sometimes, it falls on your lap; other times, what’s blocking you from having it, slaps you in the face repeatedly.

Either way, it’s always within arms’s reach!

BUT Where do most of us go wrong?

We forget part B. We go back to questioning why it isn’t here ow, on my lap, easy peasy?!

We feel like we failed because it didn’t show up the way we wanted, exactly.
Then we stop the internal/external work we are doing, start over, and end up right back where we started:

Face-to-face with our own resistance.Eye-to-eye with our own internal bullshit.

You can’t be half woke and half part of the zombie herd.

You have to remember that it IS showing up – are you paying attention, though?