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When the next level thing 

isn’t happening

When you feel like you’ve been 

working on yourself forever

Working on breaking those patterns

Trying to be more self-aware

attempting to re-program old beliefs 

that no longer serve you

Striving to improve habits

that keep you 

from looking in the mirror

For weeks, months, years

You work, work, work

on the inside, on the outside

You give up, and start again

You know you’re growing

but the more things change

the more they feel the same

You’re still not where you want to be

Or who you want to be

And feel that you should be

Who you were born to be

Who you’ve truly always been

So you begin to wonder 

where you’ve gone wrong

You overthink, overanalyze, and obsess

You focus on not having it

You deeply feel its absence

Each day

you are in a deep state of lack 

And you don’t even realize it

As you continue plowing through

doing the work on yourself 

limiting beliefs, neglected emotions 

and the chemicals within

fight change, create resistance

Your mind stays with the thoughts

that remind you its not here yet

Your body follows 

with less subtle

painful reminders 

that you wait

that you failed


Oh, you thought 

those aches and pains were random?

No – 

your body feels it, too

And everything just seems like

you’re not doing something right

Something in you is missing

You’ve made too many mistakes

It’s never the right time

Something always comes up

You don’t really know 

what to do next

But the truth couldn’t be farther from that

You do know what to do

You do know who you are

you just can’t 

be that person yet 

because you refuse 

to fully accept and love

who you are now

You can’t reach 

for a new you

As you shame, dismiss, and avoid

everything about you now 

then salt the wound 

by adding more misalignment 

And don’t get me wrong

accepting doesn’t mean 

continuing to choose

the same

It means choosing you

again and again 

even when you don’t want to


to forgive yourself 

to trust yourself again

to back yourself 

No matter how many obstacles 

are thrown your way

Not because its easy, no

But because you choose 

to acknowledge that 

all those painful reminders

don’t outweigh the big vision in you

of how your life is meant to be

Who you were born to be

So, when the waves 

of frustration and impatience 

come crashing into you 

As they do

Choose a higher frequency 

by choosing 

to remember 

You are on your way

You are not where you used to be

You wouldn’t even be reading this

If you were the same person 

as yesterday 

Remember how far you’ve come


that you are trying your best

And if you are not

Well, then get off your ass

and go change your reality

But do it one step at a time


every stepping-stone

and lesson learned

in the present

With compassion for yourself

With unconditional love

For your SELF


gratitude and release  

for every mistake along the way


yourself for showing up

for yourSELF

While you work ON yourself

For doing the work that matters most

And removing

the constant judgement of yourself


the next level you

By choosing her/him


Even when its uncomfortable 

Because you are


and trusting that you are worthy 

of everything you desire


that you truly are deserving

of anything you can dream of


to gratitude for it all 

even the shit 

because it grows flowers


to continue leaning into

Not what was

Not who you used to be

No, not anymore

But what could be

Because anything is possible

When you choose 

To see everything 

As something

That’s working in your favor.