Look around at your life and existence as opposed to where you really want to be, tune in and ask yourself:

What are you waiting for?

Change is necessary, uncomfortable, and overall, imminent. So why do you continue to find ways to delay it? I know you’ve been here before.  At a crossroads. You knew this day would come. Again.

You’ve been hiding, playing small and wasting your gifts away.

Telling yourself that this is how it has to be. That you are’t ready yet. That a few more things must be done prior to. That it’s ok for things to stay the way they are.

For now. You say. For now, you’ve BEEN saying.

And you continue ignoring the simple and plain truth that you’ve been sinking deeper and deeper into the blackhole of misalignment and faaway from who you really are with every passing day.

You’ve allowed yourself to stray so far from what you really want.

Who you really are. And now you see – there is so much to be grateful for, yes. You have transcended unimaginably, as a result.

You are on some type of other level, and despite the bumps on the road, you’ve always known it. Everyone feels it when they’re in your presence. And for whatever reason, you needed to learn those lessons and know they made you stronger.

But you still haven’t completely surrendered, and you know it –

Not to our truth.

Not to your power.

Not to your magnetic energy.

Not to your sovereign SOUL.

Not to your truest and highest SELF.

You’re miserable in the stillness because that’s when you realize that you’re still not being who you are or living life the way you want.

You’re still walking around here wearing so many masks you can’t even keep up with them yourself. That’s why when you try to work on yourself you feel overwhelmed, and you hide from it at times because it’s uncomfortable AF to be as self-aware as you are.

All of your masks have to come off for you to show your true face. For you to exist in your own essence. For you to accept and embrace all of you, inside and out.

You needed those masks at one point, but today they are useless.

Becoming THAT person means finally removing them all, and along with them, the filters you place on your words when you express yourself, the ways you hold back your power to not overshadow others, and the limits you create to keep yourself from believing in how amazing you truly ARE.

Today, all the masks end.

Today something snapped inside of you, and you will never be the same. You simply cannot and will not.

Sure, you know that there will be other levels where you will continue to be seeded, tested and pruned, but every step closer will help you master the practice of aligning and releasing.

Because as you already know, you cannot allow, let alone receive, anything unless you make space for it. Real space that only comes from ruthless editing anything and anyone you’ve held onto for reasons other than to expand yourself, and help you live your purpose and truth.

Your life for the past few years has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, and you know that you’ve chosen all of it. It’s been a hard pill to swallow, but it’s what has ultimately set you free.

Today is the day you get off the roller coaster. Today you take a cold hard look at yourself, cut the shit and peel off every single layer that doesn’t belong clinging to you.

You are free. Completely free and safe to do and be YOU. You’ve had the power to shift like this massively all along.

Are you listening? You cannot and WILL NOT continue to live this life on auto pilot, like a zombie, knowing better, and never taking FULL and UNAPOLOGETIC ownership of ALLLL of who you are.


Not when you’ve wasted ten more years, a gazillion more tears and felt the slow gradual death of your soul.

Now. NOW damn it.

From this day forward you make a contract to and with yourSELF to be who you’ve always been.

To make the outside match the inside.

To make your word to yourself BOND.

To move mountains with a blink and a smile.

To choose beyond the physical, 3D and what’s “logical” to the sleeping.

To embody everything that you ARE and instantly shed what is not you.

Say what is on your mind. Trust your gut. Listen to your intuition. Always choose you.

Always choose what you know to be aligned and true to YOU.

Always, always always listen to the voice inside you that you can’t ignore because that is YOU.

You are an old wild soul who cannot follow the herd or sit idly in a corner doing nothing all while having the secrets to the universe written in your DNA.

But here is nothing more you need to do to BE that person.

Except decide.


DECIDE, that today you kill the old you, and become THAT person.

This is a message I wrote to myself when this message about becoming that person came to me these past few days:

I adore you so much beautiful woman!

Thank you for everything you have seen me through.

Thank you for carrying two beautiful healthy boys and nursing them both like a champ.

Thank you for being an amazing mother, daughter, sister, friend, and human being.

Thank you for always being the one they go-to when they need guidance because they know who you are and how you love.

Thank you for giving me the strength to walk away from ALL that does not serve me.

Thank you for always finding a way to pick me up when I have fallen.

Thank you for forcing me to love myself more than I ever have.

Thank you for making me look in the mirror and see the masterpiece God created.

Thank you for reminding me that I am worthy and deserving and more than enough.

Thank you for reminding me of who I am and have always been.

You are SO ready for the next level, Queen.

You’ve been in hyperflow for days.

No appetite. Strong intuitive messages. No need or desire for much else except introspection.

And while the world has gone on, you’ve been in another place inside yourself-

with a universe, melting away, re-molding, cell-shifting, and re-coding.

Cycles have ended, and there is no denying it.

You can feel it in your bones.

It’s time for the next step. It has been for a while.

But the timing is perfect today.

Today, is the day you embark on the next phase of your journey.

Some friends, family members, acquaintances, habits, beliefs and strings will be released and left behind with the old version of you.

Forgive them if they hurt you.

Forgive yourself for hurting them, too.

Forgive yourself for waiting so long to take this step.

All that matters now?

Is that today you become HER.

No more excuses and no more unnecessary delays.

With all of your soul-mind-heart-body.

You unapologetically embody your true and highest self.

The decision has been made, and there is no looking back.

You know it is a choice you will have to make everyday.

But now you can see no mountains that could possibly stand in the way.

Because what shifted inside of you touched your soul and she responded –

I will face whatever comes my way, inside and out, and I will continue on the way.

My armor is self-love.

The map is written inside my heart.

My soul is my compass.

I’m ready.

Today, I become HER.

By Vanessa Rende

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