When you were little, I bet you wanted to save the world.

I bet whenever you would see kids less fortunate than you or hear of horrible news, you’d feel it inside.

Your little body would feel an almost NEED to do something about it – even if you had no clue what it is you were experiencing or how to alleviate it.

You wanted to feed the hungry

Stop the pain.

Heal the dying.

Hug those little kids in third-world countries and bring them food, water, shoes, whatever you had in your closet to make their suffering stop.

You’ve always been like that, haven’t you?  Trying to translate that URGE, NEED, BURN to do SOMETHING more.

You’re hungry to teach, help, heal, reach, LOVE those who need what was put inside YOU.

The world tried to break you and got in a few blows in, but you STILL feel it. Right?

And the more you’ve tried to ignore it, the more you’ve come to realize that it’s not meant to be ignored, it’s meant to be EMBRACED.

Because when you don’t embrace it, you feel like crap. You feel incomplete, alone and useless.

But you’re not even sure what ‘IT’ is, are you?

Because you’ve got this picture in your mind, a story you’ve carefully crafted about what your life is supposed to look like.

And now that your child-like innocence has been tainted, and the weight of the world has pushed you around like a tree in the middle of a hurricane, you’re not sure what’s left of that little boy or girl that used to want to save the world.

All you know is that the picture in your life, the story you’ve been trying to live up to isn’t your reality yet.

All you know is that you were meant to change this world. You know that you’ve come out of the fire more than once, and you can’t sleep at night until you find a way to show others how they can make it too.

But then that realization sets in-

You were supposed to have a certain relationship.

Your business should be like this and that.

And why don’t you have any kids?

The picture isn’t matching the reality.

Then you start to believe that your reality will NEVER match the picture-perfect life in your unconscious.

And when you feel that disbelief in your bones every single day no matter what you to crawl out of that whole – you feel HELPLESS and HOPELESS.

You suffer.

You get depressed.

You want to give up.

Naturally, you get exhausted of trying to figure out WHY.

WHY doesn’t the picture of the life you want match up to your reality?

Why is it that you’ve been reaching at this picture like a child reaching for his parents to pick him up FOR YEARS and nada?

The answer is:

Change your life and/or change your picture/story.

If you’re not ruthlessly, consistently and unapologetically adjusting one or both of these, the picture will never match your reality. You’ll stay on that hamster wheel. You’ll continue to suffer.

It starts with that story you’ve told yourself. You’ve come to believe it like your lungs believe they need air.

You’ve come to believe that story because achieving that picture in your mind means being worthy of love, abundance and freedom.

But until you shift that paradigm, nothing will EVER change.

You’re the only one with the power to make that shift happen.

To seek it out. Hunt it. Work on it.  On repeat.

Until the picture matches the reality.

And hey, remember –

Just BE, live free,


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