For Empowered Women Who Want to Live Aligned and On Purpose

Share Their Message With The World

And Do What They Were Born to Do While Connecting With Other High Vibe Leaders

It’s your birthright to have it all. To live in happiness, pleasure, fulfillment and with total and absolute FREEDOM.

But you’re probably still on the quest to once and for all….

It wasn’t too long ago that I had lost my spark. I had once considered myself an empowered, strong woman, but that person was nowhere to be found.

The weight of depression, divorce and financial hardship had taken it’s toll on me, and I didn’t want to shine anymore. I was a shadow of myself, and I knew it, which made me feel worse.

I closed down my multiple six figure consulting business and hid from the world. I took odd jobs and neglected to take responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. 

It got so bad that it impacted my health. Close to rock-bottom, I started to focus on my mindset again, and things started to change drastically and fast.

I got married and had another son. Two things I never thought I would do again. And more notably, I found my purpose and took back my power. I launched myself into becoming the person that I want to be.

I realized that we can’t be good moms, wives or people if we don’t love and take care of ourselves. And that self-love starts with the mind. Because everything we think and have come to believe has programmed us to behave the way we do. Now I help women do the same.

So, I started to soul-search, and in late 2015, I had a itch that wouldn’t go away.

It was a burning desire to help other women understand that anything is possible for them. I knew I wanted I want to UNLEASH everything I every learned, discovered, tried, failed at, succeeded at, etc. to help someone heal and transform their lives.

I had this huge dream inside me to change the world, one woman at a time, but I had crippling fear, PTSD and limiting beliefs grabbing me by the throat and holding me back.


I tried to be visible and hide. It didn’t work.

I tried to dim my light so it wouldn’t shine so brightly on others. It didn’t work.

I tried to tell myself that I could help people and not tell anyone everything I had overcome.

But who was I kidding?

 All that brokenness, that pain, that feeling of helplessness and hopelessness from the past was THE reason I came out of hiding. It was my responsibility to stop hiding and show the world what I had inside me. 

While still not knowing the ending of my own story, I gave into the NEED to create, release, and help other women. I went ALL IN. 

 I’m Vanessa Rende, and I’ve been helping businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe for a dozen years.

My life’s work has been dedicated to creating, unleashing and nurturing leaders. 

My mission is to show you how to step into the greatness God gave you. I want you to know that it doesn’t matter where you’ve been.

The only thing that matters is where you’re going, and if you want it bad enough, you can have, be and do anything you want. 

You don’t need another “expert” telling you that you’re broken, or making you feel like you need another course, program, seminar or self-help book.

You’re smart enough to know what’s been going on. But you haven’t had the guidance, support and accountability you crave to figure out HOW to stop the habits, thoughts and behaviors that have kept you stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed.

You know my story now. I’ve been where you are. I’ve done the hopeless, helpless and lost. I’ve done the half-mindset, half-strategies while on auto-pilot.

It’s been proven that successful people have mentors who help them reach higher than they could alone. The same goes for your personal development and enlightenment journey.

You weren’t meant to do it alone.

Still reading? Good. 

I’ve poured everything I have, know, love and swear by into something special just for you.


The Launch Room™ is an online mastermind community that provides empowered women a centralized, rich source of personal excellence, mindset mastery and innovative business strategy content and 1:1 support to help you take off in life and business.

It’s a community of driven women on a mission to be the best version of themselves, and rise by lifting others.
It’s where you launch your dreams and up-level consistently with the guidance, support and accountability of a true mindset and business expert, and with an entire tribe of empresses cheering you on.

We Start Tuesday October 3, 2017!

Members of the community will have private log-in access to the resource library where all of the training and accompanying workbooks, worksheets, spreadsheets and other tools will be housed for easy access. Live Q&As and 24/7 support will be available in private Facebook community just for members.

The online community features include but are not limited to:

One Monthly Group Call (Recorded)

Bi-Weekly Live Q&As in Private Facebook Community 

Two New Trainings Monthly Featuring Vanessa and Another Expert 

Monthly Polls for Future Training Content

Monthly Challenges for Implementation & Accountability

Accountability Partner System

Monthly Member Spotlight & Pitch Freedom

Quarterly Contests for 1:1 Free Coaching With Vanessa

An Ever-Growing Resource Library  

We Start Tuesday October 3, 2017!



Cancel any time, no obligation. Note: Cancelled memberships cannot be reinstated ever.


Since you’re joining us in the kick-off of The Launch Room™, you will be considered a founding member.

As a Founding Member, you’ll get to enjoy 26 LIVE Trainings (with Q&A) during the first 30 days of your membership.

Here’s the breakdown of the live workshops you will benefit from as a founding member:


Business & Social Media Writing: I’ll reveal all my secrets for creating headlines that buzz, social media posts, copy and more!


Creating Irresistible Opt-Ins to Grow Your Tribe, List and Following:Develop a freebie your ideal clients will be crazy about to grow your list, sales and tribe.


Service-based Websites 101: Get the 411 on what your website should say, do and capture to maximize your exposure.


Legal, Contracts & Other Docs: Get access to all of the legal docs I use in my business. Protect yourself, your website, your products/services and your business altogether!


Show Up, Blow Up: Get my step-by-step formula for showing up online everyday to spread your message, increase visibility and grow your audience.


Facebook Audience Insights: Discover all of my insider tricks for using this free Facebook tool to find and target your ideal clients. This is NOT just for Facebook ads (in fact, ads aren’t covered at all)


The 90-Day Online Business Plan: Use my template to create an Online Business plan to launch yourself, your book, your digital course, your art – anything!


A Blog is Born: My step-by-step instructions on starting, maintaining and monetizing a blog that shares your message, draws customers to you and makes money.


Branding Like a Boss: Brand yourself or your business like a pro, using my branding identity exercises.


Multiple Streams of Income: Discover the many ways you can make money online using what you already know and love.


Introduction to Email Marketing: An over-the-shoulder look at what it is, why you need it and how to use it best for your individual business.


Empire Mindset: My own step-by-step Empire Mindset formula to move you out of scarcity, lack and overwhelm into flow and abundance.


New Habit Project: Create any new habit in just 11 days, using my mindset formula.


Crush Limiting Beliefs: Follow this exercise to diminish the thoughts that have been holding you back from achieving excellence in life and business.


The Pleasure List: Get the inside scoop on one of my favorite mindset tools (I use it daily), and how it can bring more happiness, fulfillment and pleasure into your life and business.


Model Behavior: Use my proprietary exercise to identify and implement modeled behavior that will help you expand into the person you want to be, the life you want to have and the business you deserve effortlessly.


What You Were Born To Do: I created this training to help you identify where you’ve been hiding, resisting, and holding back your true purpose and power.


Sales Mindset: Discover my tricks for re-wiring my brain to see, manage and close sales like a boss – without the dread, sleaze and paranoia.


Remove Fear NOW: Walk with me through one of the most easiest exercises you’ll ever do to remove nagging, embarrassing and crippling fears.


When You Feel Like Giving Up: When you have those days, watch this training!


Value Culture: Creating a culture in your business that lets your customers know your mission to to help them by providing high-quality value consistently.


Raw, Real & Rebellious: Stand out in a crowded market and dominate your niche by doing these three simple things in your business.


Time Machine: Get an inside look at how I manage two small kids, two businesses, a busy household AND a six figure business.


Content Calendar On Steroids: I’ve been told that I must have a clone because I am everywhere. This workshop will show you how to be everywhere too using an easy to follow calendar/schedule for your content.


Your Future Self: This is one of my favorite exercises for re-wiring your brain to think like everything you want is already yours and here. It’s impact is effective.