Have you ever noticed that the more you try to force things, the more they go sour?

I remember when I used to be in constant push mode.

The promotion at my corporate job. 
The situation with my ex. 
The custody battle. 
The relationships that were clearly doomed from the start. 
ESPECIALLY this online business.

I used to believe that if I didn’t try to control it all and push to get what iI wanted, I wasn’t doing the work that had to be done.

I was being irresponsible.

Fast forward many years, and I look back now and realize how every time I pushed, and pushed hard, things always went sour. It amazes me to remember and even see NOW, how somehow, things always worked out.

I always learned a lesson. 
The lessons learned always catapulted me further.

And with each push that didn’t result in what I hoped for, I was left with my head in my hands having to surrender. Like I should have done from the beginning but was too blind to.

As much as a lot of those situations were actually unfair and harsh lessons to be learned – I had to go through them.

They were part of my journey. And now, after so many years, can I look back and HONOR those sour moments.

And so it makes me wonder –

When will YOU stop pushing?

Why is it so hard to surrender when, actually, the push is so much freakin’ harder?

And after so many lessons (both you and I), why haven’t you yet figured out that letting go IS the answer.

Letting go of:

The past. 
Anything in the present that doesn’t serve you. 
NEEDING to know the how. 
The constant worry.

The doubt, fear and ANY negativity…..

Letting go IS………..the only way you will RISE, babe.

I know because I’ve lived it. And I can dish out a legendary whoopin on you like this because I used to be the push QUEEN.

But here’s the thing –

When will you get OFF this rollercoaster?

Or do you actually enjoy feeling like a million bucks one day and wanting to crawl under a rock the next? That’s no way to live. Shoot, that’s no way to DIE.

When will you accept responsibility for how you feel RIGHT NOW? Responsibility for ignoring your inner voice and pushing anyway.

When will you focus on what’s going on INSIDE you instead of everything else outside you think you need to control?

When things get better?
When someone apologizes?
When you FINALLY have the clients you want?
When your bank account shows a certain number of dollar signs?

That IS the problem.

You keep waiting for a light at the end of the tunnel but INSIDE, you’re expecting the tunnel to never end.

And so it is.

Then restarts the vicious cycle of self-sabotage, anxiety, maybe severe depression?

How much longer are you going to beat yourself up KNOWING in your soul that things can and should be different?

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, what you’ve been through….

How many times you’ve been burned in life or how many times you’ve stopped and started.

What matters is NOW.

Why do you chase a dream and then make it out of reach for yourself?

Because you’re afraid to try again? Because you’re afraid to fail? Because you’re afraid that maybe, just maybe, IF you surrender yourself to everything you have inside, you’d MAKE IT?

You are NOT alone. I and many others have felt those same feelings, thought the same thoughts and feared the same fears.

The only difference is the SURRENDER.

I DECIDED that believing in the power God gave them and trusting myself, was a more enjoyable life than constantly, well, PUSHING.

It didn’t come over night, although it very well could. It was a decision.

Am I healed of the push disease? No.

Some days I have to DECIDE once a day. 
Some days, every hour.

But it’s still a conscious choice I make because I CHOOSE to do the work and then surrender.

You can choose too darling, to


The REAL way your TRUE self would. Not some broken woman who you are obviously NOT.

You can choose to make every day exactly how you want it to be – and no, it isn’t impossible.


E V E R Y T H I N G you’ve been through in your life has prepared you for what you want. Not the doubt, uncertainty, confusion – but what you already know INSIDE you want this life to be.

And you are absolutely capable, ready, and able to have whatever it is that life means to you.

But you have to surrender. You have to decide.

Choose today. Start now.

And hey –

Live free,

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