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The thing about following that INNER voice that you’ve regretted SO many times NOT listening to?

When you FINALLY do, you automatically put up a shield without even knowing it.

It’s not bulletproof.
It’s not fireproof.

It’s made of flesh and bones, like you.

And it only stays up when you’re aligned with ONLY caring about what that voice says.

It changes something in you. No doubt.

Call it whatever helps you sleep at night


It’s there and you know it is, don’t you?

Guiding you.
Protecting you.

Trying to remind you every second of every day of who you are and just what you’ve been MADE capable of!

Are you really STILL freakin’ doubting the magic + power within you?

You have felt it at one point or another.

Don’t tell yourself it’s not there.

Don’t deny the voice inside you that has warned you many times before, told you many truths, looks out for you, and has somehow, always been RIGHT.

It’s like a wave of KNOWING without knowing and also a not needing to know, that comes over us and we can’t explain. 🤯

It’s a calmness.
A stillness.

A moment of absolute certainty and clarity even as it feels and looks pitch black.


Because the fact is that you’re a big ol pile of meat walking around here like you’re flesh is gonna live forever –


Everything that truly makes you….YOU.

Everything that you truly ARE.

You’re so busy being busy I bet you find it almost impossible to sit for 5 minutes straight and meditate a lot of times, don’t you?

You’re so OFF you chase your tail desperately trying to find the path to turn the light ON because you just wanna DO, DO and keeping DOING to make things “right.”

It’s the only thing you’ve come to know as action, purpose and progress.

Do. Do. Do.

But that’s just the thing, boo –

That’s not real action or progress.

And if it was purpose, you wouldn’t still feel the need to search, wouldn’t you?

The longer you keep chasing, wanting, wishing and DOING all the wrong things, ignoring that voice in you, the longer it will take to find you.

Because by ignoring that voice in you REPEATEDLY, you’ve ended up here.

Not knowing
Not doing what you really want
Not living how you really want
Not being who you KNOW inside you ARE
Not feeling aligned

THE energizer bunny, hopping along doing all the shit and going nowhere.

You’ve ended up ignoring your own internal compass, don’t you see?

Somewhere inside, you do know.

Because no matter how busy you are or how much you try and allow yourself to be drowned in the noise of this world, there will always be something inside of you that will not stop trying to remind you that


You’re not confused.
You’re not lost.
You’re not broken.
You’re unlovable.
You’re not too young.
You’re not too old.

You’re not too late.

You’re never too “far gone” to tune TF in

And –

Release any other voice that screams


Go back
Don’t look


That voice is never far from you despite how long you’ve been ignoring it.

That voice is your shield because when you listen to it and follow it, you realize how simple, beautiful and absolutely amazing life SHOULD be.

When you allow.

When you LISTEN.

You’re not crazy.
You’ve just been listening to the wrong voice.