In a sea of coaches, consultants, strategists and mentors, there are three main ingredients that will set you aside from the rest: your rawness, realness and how open you are to thinking outside the box like a rebel.

RAW:  If anyone tells you that their journey was easy and everything is sparkles and glitter, RUN.

Everyone has  story, and in the world of social media, your story, your message and the mission you live and breath is what sets you apart.

The people you are looking for are looking for you too. But they won’t find you if you’re hiding, not sharing your story and not spreading your truth. Be the mentor who will be raw about the pain, tears, losses and lessons. Don’t look to be perfect. Look to be raw.

REAL:  You do not need a mentor to pat you on the back every time you feel low vibe. Neither do your ideal clients. Like you, they need accountability. Honesty. And the realness that comes with working from someone who truly cares about results.

Be someone that will push your customers out of their comfort zone and show clients how to unleash the greatness within them.  Be the mentor that is true to the mission not the money. Because GREAT mentors know what when you focus on the mission, the money always follows.

REBELLIOUS:  Join the ones burning the cookie-cutter piles for all to see. The ones who will personalize and customize everything because molds are for losers. The ones who will refuse to work with you and/or light a fire when they see the heart isn’t into it.

A GREAT mentor isn’t concerned with competition or what others are doing in your niche or theirs. A raw, real and rebellious mentor will unlock the leader in their clients and show them that competition is irrelevant because there is only one you and that’s your biggest weapon.

Let’s be real, anyone can call themselves a coach/consultant/mentor nowadays.  What sets you apart and acts like a magnet to your ideal clients is how raw + real & rebellious you choose to be on your mission.