Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that sometimes, less is more. If sales seem stale, visibility seems to be non-existent and your business feels, like it’s missing something, odds are it is.

Growing an online empire isn’t easy, but it’s definitely not impossible. Creativity, commitment and consistency across all mindset and business strategies will catapult your sales, visibility and following. Apply these three basic yet powerful concepts to any aspect of your online business that you feel is getting a little moldy and watch the magic unfold:

1) Creativity: The market is crowded. Use your unique voice and talents to stand out and keep it fresh. And remember, not showing up is worse than blending in. Being yourself is the easiest and fastest way to be creative because there is only one you. So think outside the box. Stop editing yourself out of your content and get creative what the information your sharing from your brain.

2) Commitment: How committed are you really to this? One post every few days and random live streams are not commitment. Make sure this is what you want and decide to go for it until you get it. Don’t say that you are “all in” and then skip your mindset routine for a month and wonder why you can’t battle the fear, doubts and other mental malware. Decide if this is what you want and don’t stop until you get there. There will be good days and hard days. Commit to show up no matter what.

3) Consistency: Don’t expect to show up once a week and grow an empire. You give part time effort, you get part time results. Be consistent. Show up every day. Go live every day. Do whatever you need to do to consistent stay on your ideal clients’ mind. Don’t bother spending thousands on branding, a new website and an expensive photographer if you’re going to lurk every few months and have the world forget your name. Stay consistent even when it feels like no one is liking your posts or watching your videos. Practice does make perfect and consistency much like confidence is a muscle. The more you use it, the better it gets.

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Vanessa Rende is a business consultant with over 12 years experience, helping corporations and elite entrepreneurs across the globe find and fix money leaks, stand out in a crowded market and dominate their niche, doing what they were born to do.