When you TRULY get tired of your own bullshit, and your very soul demands freedom from it, there is no fear, limit or even deep-rooted belief that can stop the force behind you to move forward and BE MORE.

I’ve been kicking my own ass since I was a little girl. Always pushing myself in some kind of sports and academics. I wanted to be the best, but I wasn’t competing with anyone but me. I had to push myself because I knew there was more in me.

That made me stand out a lot. I got picked on. Bullies even attempted to try their cruel ways with me but by that time my anger was full-blown, and that only turned into fights and school suspensions.

I always knew that there is more to life than what we see, smell, taste and experience.

I always knew there was more to God than the bible or anything any group of people can tell me – whether they think they have enough proof or not.

I just always knew there was MORE.

And so I always wanted more.

More from me. More from my career. More from my body and more from the work I was put here to do.

But as life went on, and the push became easier to ignore.

 I became a collector.

I collected traumas, experiences, emotions and events that changed me from the inside out until I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror. Literally.

Fat. Sick. Depressed. Drinking almost every day. And lighting a joint whenever the mood struck, morning noon or night.

I had to numb myself for years because, like you, I wasn’t listening. I wasn’t tuning in. I was escaping and running away.

The driven, always wanting more Vanessa, got lost in the rubble.

I’ve spent my entire life ever since focused on finding her, healing her and making her whole and complete once again.

And in the process, I’ve discovered my purpose and helped thousands of people around the world do the same for themselves.

In the past year, I’ve SHIFTED and pushed myself to a new level.

My soul demanded that I collect the remaining pieces of myself that I had still not chosen not see.

My body cried out to me –

Hungry for love, attention and connection.

My heart was full of love and compassion even in the midst of feeling lost at times on the way to this next level.

It’s true what they say: You don’t truly see God until you see that love in everything and everyone – yes, no matter what.

My shadow looked back at me and demanded acknowledgment.

And I could no longer continue to exist at a level beneath me and everything I stand for.  

I started the process of integration even though I had no idea that that’s what I was doing.

I searched deep within me, deeper than I ever had.

I forced myself to do it daily, even when I didn’t want to.

Even when I was truly horrified with some of the things I would find.

So I committed to getting uncomfortable every day.

And every day stepping into the unknown.

I lost another 60+ lbs.

My businesses started producing more with less hustle, work and time involved.

My relationship with my SELF and with God was taken to heights I didn’t even know could exist.

I challenged every part of myself on repeat, more than I ever had before – and trust me I was doing it on some levels before.

I realized that life was like a game and that the more I accepted it’s challenging, the faster I would grow and become the person I was always meant to be.

So I started to say #GameOn to everything that challenged me.

#GameON to my body looking the way I want it to look.

#GameON to the thoughts, beliefs, and habits that thought they could keep me stuck.

#GameON to my old negative emotions that I hadn’t dealt with even though, like a good coach, I thought I had.

#GameON to my spirituality that had been hanging in the wind because I never felt good enough to be loved by even God.

#GameON to anything and everything that I had allowed and/or CHOSEN to keep me AWAY from who I was born to be.

#GameON became my way of RELEASING that voice of the victim and ONLY hear the voice of the QUEEN inside me.

The QUEEN prepared to tackle anything and everything that is thrown at her because she knows in her SOUL that to play on the level she’s meant to, she’s gotta own that CROWN baby!

The mindset shift to #GameON changed my life. And continues to show me every day that this is not only the right path but the only path

It’s still making waves. Good ones. Every day. In every way.

And I am ready to bring you along with me if you’re ready to FINALLY go into the unknown and remember who you truly are.


Soul ON Fire: 6 Weeks to Crack Yourself Open, Challenge All Your Limits, and Step Into Non-Negotiable Soul-Alignment NOW in Every Part of Your Life and Within Every Part of Your SELF


Everything will be questioned.

All your motives.

All your reasons.

All your stories.

All of your excuses.

All your goals.

All your dreams.

All your diseases, aches and pains.

All your repressed desires, emotions and impulses.

You will be opened like never before

Your mirror wiped squeaky clean

You will have exactly what you’ve been searching for

The discomfort of the truth you’ve been hiding from yourself and from the world.

The exhilaration of finally releasing it

The heart-racing excitement and anticipation

Of finally having it ALL

And then?

You’ll be able to see, fully the person who’s been trying to get out, but has been drowning in FEAR.

Because YOU KNOW you were made for something much bigger.

But every day you live a movie that rewinds automatically.

Get up, do the things you do, feel your soul sucked dry from unfulfillment and unhappiness.

And no matter how much you hustle and try,

You still feel incomplete.

You feel UNHAPPY AF.

Money is nice, yes, but you want something MORE.

You CRAVE it.

You NEED it.

And that’s what’s been killing you inside.

Because you’re not doing what you want to do.

Being who you’re meant to be.

Or living life the way you want to live it.

Something is missing and you DO know why.

Your full potential has been sitting under the dust.

You’ve been holding yourself back.

Skipping around pretending to be normal.

Doing all the wrong things in search of a purpose.

Not realizing that it’s been within you all along.

You’ve had the fight waiting to start.

You’ve had the engines roaring and smoking.

Your tires have been burning the pavement.

And now it’s time you hit that pedal to the metal

Its time to pour gas all over your existence.

And light a fire the whole world can see.

The question is ARE YOU READY?

During this 6-week immersion, your soul will be shifted but so will every other part of your existence and consciousness. This is a multi-sensory, fully integrated experience with ALL the parts of SELF: Spirit – Mind – Heart – Body.


Here’s the 6-Week Breakdown:

Week 1: Crack Yourself Open

During week 1, you will crack yourself open by being 100% blunt honest with yourself about what you really want, and why you’ve chosen to hold yourself back. This will create a high-level blueprint for you to use throughout the program. Your belief system will then be updated, new beliefs will be INSTALLED, and you will begin your 6-week journey to a Soul ON Fire with a brand new full suit of confidence in yourself and TRUST in your soul.

Week 2: Wipe Your Mirror Clean

This is where we start to get our hands dirty by taking a deeper dive into the stories, lies, and patterns you’ve been choosing to play small, and settle for less than you want and deserve. During week 2, you will do several exercises geared at challenging ALL your limits that have been like fog, keeping you from seeing and being who you truly are, and having what you really want. 

Week 3: Burn It In The Fire

During week 3, you will engage in various exercises to instantly UPGRADE your thoughts, emotions, and habits in preparation to remember and acknowledge ALL parts of you. Anything and everything that comes up will be tossed in the fire, and by the end of the week, you won’t even remember it was a thing. 

Week 4: Meet Your Shadow

With full confidence in yourself, and tools in your belt, you’ll face the dark side of yourself. The side you stuff down because you think the world isn’t ready for it, or because you just believe it is wrong or evil. Whatever that is, during this week you will embrace it, and decide once and for all if it is something you need to work on or learn to love. We will finish out the week by upgrading your beliefs around your shadow and helping you feel more whole and complete. 

Week 5: Non-Negotiable Soul Alignment

With 4 weeks of re-programming your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, during week 5, you step into non-negotiable soul alignemnt, what that means for you exactly, and how to be that person NOW.

Week 6: Your Manifestation Menu

To wrap up this life-changing time together, during week 6, you will design something I created called a Manifestation Menu. This will help you cut the noise, not fall into old patterns, and keep your 100% focus on the true needs and desires of your soul every day, on REPEAT. Your mind will be re-programmed for discipline and consistency around all the areas covered in this program, and you will finish strong with something you can use over and over, forever.

Each week will include a weekly live stream, exercises and homework, as well as a mix of messages from my soul to you, coupled with meditation, aromatherapy, visualization, self-hypnosis and lots of tuning into your mind, body and soul. Plus a few other tricks I have up my sleeve. 

Are you in?

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