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Episode 8: From Working With The Feds to Publishing a Children’s Mindset Book

March 5, 2018

What would drive a former consultant for the US Federal Government into entrepreneurship and publishing a children’s mindset book?

In this episode (where I cry, btw), I share a compressed version of my story and:

1) What I did with/for the Feds and some random tidbits about my professional experience.
2) How and when I became a full-time entrepreneur (vulnerability alert.
3) Why on earth I decided to write a children’s mindset book series (insert water works here) and Why This is An Important Topic.
4) And, how I am using my expertise, story and message to make a bigger impact.

Plus this 7,000 side notes (I exaggerate), did you knows and ummms. It is raw, real and unedited.



Episode 7: 4 Ways Audible Changed My Life And Business

I didn’t always like to read what I was told to read, but when I discovered my passion for reading, I still had a bunch of excuses to pick up a book. All of that ended when I found Audible ten years ago.

In the past 5 years alone, Audible has helped be grow into the person I am meant to be, providing me with much-needed motivation, inspiration, education and growth to satisfy my hunger to be the best version of me.

No with Audible, there are no excuses not to keep growing, learning and expanding who YOU are. Don’t you owe it to yourself?

Get your 30-day free trial: amzn.to/2H9aE2l

Episode 6: 3 Ways To Change Your Story And Change Your Life

In life you are one of two people: the one believing your old stories or the one creating new ones.

In this special episode, I I drop some truth bombs about the stories we tell ourselves, how they impact life, biz and relationships, and how to change those stories starting today.

1) What are the stories?
2) What are they costing you? How are they impacting your mind and body?
3) How to decide to change the story once and for all.

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