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The 3 R’s of a Great Business Mentor

In a sea of coaches, consultants, strategists and mentors, there are three main ingredients that will set you aside from the rest: your rawness, realness and how open you are to thinking outside the box like a rebel. RAW:  If anyone tells you that their journey was...

An Open Letter to Facebook Entrepreneurs

Lately there’s been a staleness in the air. Whether it’s a Facebook group I’ve been in for a year or a new one I am testing out, I see the same thing. More entrepreneurs entering the game. More Facebok business pages. More questions. More “how do I?” But, less...

5 Reasons Your Content Hasn’t Gone Viral

In a sea of Facebook entrepreneurs sharing everything from awesome personal stories and great content to questionable products and services, it’s hard not to doubt your own content before you put out in front of the world. Using social media to grow your business...

Growth Mindset: An Entrepreneur’s Favorite Roller Coaster

According to psychologist Carol Dweck who created the concept of Growth Mindset, in a fixed mindset, “people believe their basic qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are simply FIXED traits. They spend their time documenting their intelligence or talent...

How I Manifested $1.2M in Real Estate Sales in 60 Days

Without a Real Estate License Right before Thanksgiving last year, I ran a challenge in my Facebook community The Empire Lab. During “The 7-Day Empire Mindset,” every day for seven days, I shared with my tribe exactly what I’ve done to re-train my thoughts and...

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