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Brace yourself….

Maybe it’s easier to be someone else

Speaking how they think you should speak

Dressing how they said you should dress

Play the part

Following the rules

Holding back

Being proper

Doing as expected –

How’s that working out?

Do you wake up every day feeling like the world is at your finger tips?

Do you operate in every moment of the day in pure bliss?

An orgasmic state of flow

So easy to attain…

If and when you say so.

Having children isn’t an excuse

Everyone has bills and responsibilities

Feeling stuck is a choice

Hopefully, for just another minute and not another decade

You’ll be playing nice

Following the stupid rules

Doing what they expect you to do

So damn predictable
So unlike you
So void of adventure
Null of excitement
So boring and tasteless
Dead on the inside
Barely hanging on
People pleaser

How are those soul-sucking daily routines working out?

Do this. Say that. Go here.

Take care of this person, that person

make sure you put yourself last

Doing that for yourself? You selfish bitch.

Put this person first or you’re not a good enough mom, wife, human

Sacrifice yourself because you’re a woman

Turn in the keys to your dreams because you had kids

Stop being so damn, YOU

That’s not how you’re supposed to act, talk, BE

Give up on everything that you identify with as, well, YOU

What about you?
What about the YOU that’s never lost her voice?
What about the fire that’s still burning within?

It’s dim –
It’s been through many hurricanes
It’s hurting
It’s the real you, don’t you see?

The eight-year old you

Who thought she could do anything, be anyone

Who couldn’t fathom obstacles that would prevent it

She didn’t see any other way except success

Changing the world was a choice she made

Tainted by events later in life

Painful scars that remain

Received by you

Allowed to continue

to stay where you are

to use others as an excuse

to play victim

to keep hiding your power

to keep living in fear

to keep operating in a belief system

That has not and will not serve you

But you get to keep doing that

After all, it’s your choice

You get to keep doing what you’re doing

Being who you are

Seeing what you see everyday

Living what you live every day

Because you don’t deserve any better, right?

God doesn’t love you unless you think, act and behave a certain way, right?

You don’t deserve to be happy
You don’t deserve to wake up everyday in love with your life
You don’t deserve to have or be more
You don’t deserve to walk around this planet 100% naked in your truth
You don’t deserve to bare your essence and blind who it blinds
You don’t deserve to say what you want and do what you want


You could decide that you do

You could decide to accept responsibility for every aspect of
your life right now

What you’ve been blaming on him/her

What you’ve been afraid of for so long

Where you’ve been stuck for so long

How horrible you’ve felt for so long

How fat or skinny you are

How unhappy, miserable ad bitter you are

How depressed, drowning in anxiety and sad you are

How broke you are

How single/married you are

How sexually frustrated you are

How alone you feel

Accept it –


No one is responsible for any of it

But you

You’ve chosen to be, do, have, exist THERE

You forgot who you are

You’ve ignored WHAT you are

You’ve stuffed the real you so far down

You don’t even know who that is anymore

You forgot that you have the CHOICE

To just BE

Do you remember that person?

Do you remember what it feels like to be her?

Do you remember what it feels like to be free?

To be you

No filters

No masks

No sugar-coating

No people-pleasing

To do you remember who the hell you really are?

Because who you are right now?

Is not it

Is pale compared to that person

This person is nothing but dead skin waiting to be shed

This person is a shadow of the full force

This person is not you

It never will be

And that’s why everyday is a vicious cycle

Of putting on that skin

Fitting on your mask

Make up check

Fake smile check

Politeness check

Filters, gags and chains check, check check

Walk the walk, talk the talk

Play nice, damn it.

Fit in

Do your part

Go to the job you hate

Stay in a relationship that doesn’t fire you up

Stay fat/skinny

Keep hating who you see in the mirror

Continue doing’

But THAT person?

The person gagged, tied and bound on the inside?

Is a force of nature

A shinning light

When freed, THAT person is




THAT person is connected

To everyone and everything

In an orgasmic flow

In awe of life

Obsessively grateful

Forgiving of herself and others

Abundantly complete

Inside and out’

Fierce not fearless

Believing not belittling




That everything inside is, is in fact, ENOUGH

Enough to be you

Enough to fulfill your dreams

Enough to deserve anything and everything

Enough to look hot

Enough to feel sexy

Enough to get it

Enough to keep it

Enough to breathe and live it

But there is only one thing holding it back


The you you are now

The you you think you have to be

The you you keep telling yourself has to show up

The you you keep reminding yourself is the only you worthy

The you that has to DIE

So the real you can come out to play

Reign over this life you’ve been given

That’s been waiting for you to wake up

To live life YOUR WAY –


In love,