There’s no better way to put it, really.

You can’t receive what you don’t make space for.

Let it go –

The negative self-talk, soul sucking habits, people-pleasing, settling, playing small, shrinking to make others feel less threatened or better; personal and professional misalignments and toxic relationships (to name a few).

You know what’s gotta go. And it’s simple math, really.

Your energy container is full of the shit you don’t want, but you keep holding onto it because at least it’s familiar and safe, and it’s known to you albeit uncomfortable.

But it doesn’t serve you. At least not anymore.

And you won’t take a leap into the unknown, the path that takes you in the direction you want to go because you’re too scared it’s going to hurt a little or crush someone’s feelings — lest you forget that none of that fucking matters.

Whatever reason you think you have for holding onto it is bullshit and you know it.

No one is better than you at coming up with the best stories and excuses to keep you stuck, when you KNOW you have more in you to unleash.

Can’t you see?

You’ve got to stop running and hiding from it. If you don’t take responsibility for everything you shouldn’t be holding onto –

Own it, heal it and then burn it in the fucking fire, you’re going to spend the rest of your life chasing something you say you want but are subconsciously sabotaging yourself from having.

And here’s the real truth bomb –

You will never really say YES to your soul if what you’re holding onto so tightly is out of integrity with it.

You can’t even begin to be in the vicinity of allowing or receiving what you say want UNLESS you let that other shit go.

Make space –

Say no more. 
Rip the bandaid. 
Pull the plug.
Walk away. 
Say goodbye.
Never look back. 
Jump forward.

Change like that can happen in an instant, or it can take as long as you choose.

The size of the mountain is only a matter of your perspective, baby.

But you can’t continue to want it and not make space for it by holding onto everything that’s the opposite of having, doing and being it.

That’s practically the definition of insanity.

And yes, we all have done and/or do it- not let the shit go.

But right now? Today.

You have the power to completely change your reality by simply saying no to what doesn’t serve you to make space and say yes to what does.

Regardless of what it is or how much you think you know it’s going to hurt and be hella uncomfortable — nothing is worth the cost of not following what’s inside you, your soul.

I’m not saying it’s always going to be easy or feel good right away. That’d be a straight up lie.

I can promise you that most of the time it will be scary exciting, exhilarating and you’ll think and even physiologically FEEL a million reasons to run back –

But if inside you know it needs to be done, you can’t keep ignoring it.

Not if you’re ready to finally breakthrough and change your life, business, relationships etc.

You’ve made it this far and owe it to yourself to do what you really want to do and have what you truly want to have.

You deserve real, soul-filling happiness, damn it.

It’s inches away from your fingertips and you just have to take a good hard look at your reality right now and see the rules you’ve been playing by.

Does it serve you?
What needs to go?

It’s always your move.

Remember –
Life’s a game. Break all the rules.