Sometimes I look around and wonder what’s the point?

What’s the point in thinking about the future?

Why keep striving to make this world better for my sons?

Why keep working to teach my sons to be better for themselves?

Why keep being the odd-man out who sees, thinks and FEELS this world differently?

Why bother getting uncomfortable, sharing my truth and putting my shit out in front of the world, trying to make a difference?

Why bother when the world as we know it, feels like it’s imploding?

I try to avoid the news and stay as far away as possible from drama

It just doesn’t serve who I am or what I was put on this earth to do.

But sometimes information, news, stories leaks out

And I can’t help it but to feel hopeless and helpless.

Innocent people being slaughtered.

Babies being left in cars.

Division: ears that don’t listen and hearts that won’t open

People spouting in hate instead of blooming in love.

It feels heavy to me, and at times

I feel like I can’t escape the overwhelming sadness of it all.

So, I try to change my state

It is a choice to stay in that sadness

And that is something I won’t allow myself to dwell in

for longer than necessary.

I dive into my work

because it makes me feel like there is hope

I see what my clients are doing.

They are creating art that helps people heal.

They are creating music that helps people laugh and love.

They are writing words that change people’s lives.

They are showing others how to love themselves MORE.

They are sharing their stories and spreading hope, faith and LOVE like wildfire.

They are creating products, offers and services with their hearts, hands and souls to pour onto others.

They are choosing again and again, to put aside their fear

And show up to make the world a better place.

And it helps me remember that it is people like US

who –

Show the world what else is possible

Change entire worlds

Save lives

Help people free themselves

Set rules on fire

Break records

CREATE on repeat

And somehow?

OFFSET what’s being destroyed in the world.

Like a phoenix from the ashes.

Something beautiful out of something broken.

The rainbow after the storm.

A promise that no matter how bad it gets.

There will always be people like US –

Who can do nothing with their existence except

Continue to CREATE

To pour into others even when all seems pointless.

It is people like us who will save the world.

We may not be able to end world hunger

Stop terrorism or ensure another war doesn’t occur

But it’s people like you and me

That truly make a difference

And even though at times that can feel like a burden

For people like you and me?

There is no other choice

We can’t NOT follow our souls

We can’t NOT do what we feel we MUST


A better us

A better mother

A better father

A better sister, brother

A better wife, husband

A better person

A better WORLD

One person at a time.

One client at a time.

One session at a time.

One blog, live stream or Podcast at a time.

But this mission isn’t for everyone

Because many will say they were born to make a difference

But most will never even truly start on that journey

Because they don’t understand

That the journey starts within

And their sights will remain fixed

On an outside world

That will never give them what they need

Or show them the answers that they seek.

So their journey won’t begin.

But they’ll always have that choice.

But not you and me

We get that, right?

You get that if you’re not doing SOMETHING

You’re doing NOTHING.

And if you’re doing nothing

You’re one of us.

You can’t be.

I know if you’re reading this far

Maybe you are

Maybe there is some of “us”

Somewhere inside you

Waiting to unleash

Dying to create

Honored to serve your soul’s purpose.

When it all feels so pointless


It’s people like us who will save the world.

And I’d love nothing more than to help you reach the next level on your journey to change yourself and this world.