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I am always in such a “positive mood” and “full of positivity” and “way too positive” because I’ve learned to let shit go. 

You can’t have one foot in and one foot out of alignment, focus, commitment to yourself and what you really want in life. 

Whatever you go into half-ass, yields the same quality results. 

It’s all a choice, and yeah, when the world wants to shout at me that they have the right to be upset, angry, bitter, lazy, and/or self-destructive, etc. because how else are they supposed to respond? 

Call me an annoying positive person because you can’t understand my response. Get triggered if the shoe fits. 

Because I may just plant the seed that grows your awareness, upgrades your perspective and changes your reality. 

And, If that’s the case, my job is done. 

If not, my sleep will remain unbothered because I know that the seed was planted either way. I love what I do. ?

But remember, you always have a choice, too. 

In every situation, event, moment of fight or flight, the possibilities are endless because your choices are unlimited. 

You always have a choice. 

A choice to be more aware. 

A choice to not ignore the things you think, notice and feel, but also not to let them run you. 

A choice to not hold onto anger and bitterness for longer than necessary to understand, process and release emotions. 

A choice to respond with consciousness instead of react out of old programming and heightened emotions. 

A choice to listen only to that voice you regret when you ignore it, and sigh with relief when you follow it. 

A choice to keep unplugging from everything and everyone in the world and plugging back into yourself again and again. 

A choice to keep choosing alignment with your goals, standards, needs, purpose, YOU – no matter what the world thinks, says or does. 

It’s always so funny to me when people call me a “super positive person” because they can’t see any light coming through the cracks. 

Ok, it’s maybe not always funny. 

Sometimes it hurts that they can’t see what I can see and I wish I could do more to stop their pain and open their eyes. 

But, I’ve learned that everything you look for, looks for you, too. 

And your perspective always = your reality. 

All I can do is plant the seed, so that’s what I’m gonna do. 

You don’t like what you see?

Change what you look at and/or change the way you’re looking at then. 

But decide to decide already – 

You either hold onto what you don’t want and leave no room for what you really want, or you learn to let go and make space in TRUST. 

It’s like a muscle. It gets stronger with USE. 

And yes, things will still happen to test you. 

There will always be some temptation, distraction or pull to do what you’ve always done and end up exactly where you’re trying to climb out of – 

But that’s not when you give up and jump back into fear and doubt, half-assing life like a pro. 

That’s when you flex ?? it, and keep going and growing. 

So no, I’m not a super positive person with sparkles and unicorns on my mind 24/7. 

I don’t shit glitter (someone actually said that to me once ?)

I’m a person who see and gets tired of my own BS, and chooses to challenge myself to be better. 

I am a person who falls, fails, gives up even, but gets right back up to accept the challenge because I can’t not. 

I am a person who chooses to share a lot of those personal and professional challenges, and how I overcome them, so that something can be awakened in you to do the same – when you decide. 

I am not bothered that you think I’m annoyingly positive because I remember what it felt like and what my life looked like when I didn’t accept responsibility for where and how it was. I thought positive people were annoying too back then. 

I remember what it was like to always feel lost, stuck and look for something/someone to blame. I actually believed status, money, resources and my environment dictated my life. 

And I remember making the choice to do something about it because no one was gonna do it for me. 

Now I make that choice daily. It’s a life long commitment to myself. 

Awareness = focus = responsibility = discipline 

Keep focusing on your journey and aligning to your truth, power and purpose. 

Anything, everything and everyone outside of that is just a test. 

Will you choose trust or fear/doubt/worry/stress/illness/etc?