If you’re looking for motivation, inspiration and mentorship by looking to see who is “winning” the high school popularity contest on social media, I am not for you. ✌️

I do not go live just to go live.

I do not post just to post.

I will not stir up controversy just to fit in, get attention or make you like me more.

I will not jump on the fear-based political train to help you see if I am “your tribe.”

I will not jump on the cool entrepreneur ship, ignoring soul, real energetic disconnections/connections, just to hang out with the online girls who are “hot.” (haha)

I don’t even come onto social media anymore unless I REALLY really feel it, and that’s not as often as you would think.

I will not operate under your visibility, vulnerability and authenticity laws, claiming that I have to be, look, post, and social media a certain way – your way. 

Fuck that. 

I am not now nor will I ever be, even when I shed these last few pounds to add to the 70+ I’ve gotten rid of in the last year, be one of the popular or “cool” girls.

That’s never been me. Never will be. 

I’m on some type of other level looking down at the “cool girls.” And I don’t care anymore how that sounds.

I hated high school and avoided high school social events at all costs. I dug myself in every sport I could find and have been working on myself since I was 9 years old.

I am the one who ignored the popular and cool and hot girls in school, yet still had them asking and making sure I could attend the school dances, asking me to co-captain the volleyball team, or play the lead in the Grease play or lead the debate team to a victory (which I did). 

I have NEVER chased anything and I am not about to start now.

I will not engage in religious or spiritual debates to appease your need to feel closer or more experienced and knowledgeable to and about God and spirituality than everyone else because I transcended those lines a long time ago, and if that’s where you are, I am miles and miles ahead of you. 

I am not sorry. If you think those religious, spiritual, and political posts are in anyway helping the situation, you don’t know God, or yourself, as well as you think you do.

I will not worry about my branding, colors, font, format, style, or graphics to appease to anyone.

I will not constantly pick apart my website, finding new ways in which you might not like me because it doesn’t feel or flow a certain way – the way everybody and their mother is doing it. 

I will not post endless shit just to stay in your face so you’re not swayed by the 700th “coach” on your timeline.

I will not hide my magic, art, and creativity in fear that you might feel offended, scared or turned off by the magnitude of it.

I will not worry about if I come off as “knows it all,” arrogant, egotistical or narcissist to you – for I know that whatever you hate about me, you hate about yourself.

I will not post anything just for “engagement.” Likes mean shit to me.

I will not sell something, anything, all the time, relentlessly, UNLESS it’s something I 100% believe in. Unless I have done, lived and succeeded at it.

I will not filter my messages, blogs or posts for anyone or anything. 

I will not answer your private messages about chatting or getting to know each other when a) that game is played out and I can smell you a mile away; and b) all you need to know about me, unless you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and work with me, is made public on purpose.

I will not respond to every comment, like or heart because my notifications are OFF, and that’s what works for me. 

I am not ignoring anyone. I am preserving my sacred energy and social media is an energy vampire. If I respond to your comment or something you posted, consider it aligned for ME. 

I am not a coach. I never wanted to be one. I will never be one.

I just spent years telling myself that that was the only way I could share my messages and make a living, but NO MORE.

I spent years telling myself I HAD to have some kind of label so people would know what and who I am, but that’s bullshit.

There are no labels for me. 

None can exist for what I bring to this world, and for too long, I was afraid to say that. 

I was afraid to say it out loud even. I was afraid to OWN what and who I am.

There is only one ME.

What you see is what you get.

Take it or leave it, boo. 

I am a guide to those whom my messages belong to.

I don’t do it for the ones that need constant convincing, bells, whistles, and endless four play.

I do it for the ones who know they want it and want it NOW.

I do it for the ones that hear me and can’t look away because they feel heard, seen and felt by someone they know, KNOWS.

Someone who can help. That’s all I have ever wanted to do, and that’s what I’ll die doing.

This is my purpose.

I am a light to those who are drowning in their darkness. 

And I am also the one who flips the switch OFF when you think you’re hanging tight in your light with unicorns and glitter and shit, avoiding the darkness about to implode within you.

I am the one who knows things about you through the internet, just by reading your posts or seeing something, anything, you may post – 

a mile away I can sense you and what you are bringing and/or dragging with you.

And no, I’m not a physic.

Call it whatever you need to if it helps you sleep at night.

No labels or categories needed any longer in V’s world ova here!

I didn’t wake up one day and decide to jump on Facebook to help people.

I’ve been helping people my entire life.

I’ve been the go-to person for many things for as long as I can remember. 

People look at me, but I see through them.

And when they realize that, they either love me or hate me.

Either way, I just don’t care anymore. 

This is who I am, and it’s all or nothing baby.

I have nothing against coaches. 

This isn’t about coaches or the coaching industry. But if the shoe fits, go look in the mirror.

This is about me finally separating myself from everything and everyone that has been making me cringe ever since I jumped on this online thing 5 years ago, but that I have continued to pursue because even through all the up levels, a tiny part inside of me still believed I had to.

I don’t. You don’t either.

This is about owning who I am and what I am.

All of it and not caring if you think its good, bad, or enough.

This is about standing in my power, gifts and spirituality with fucking pride and unapologetically. 

This is about you realizing that if you’re out here trying to do and be better, you can’t keep subtly, consistently and DAILY falling into the traps of telling yourself that what/how you are doing everyday is aligned with the purpose God gave you in this life – if you know in your heart and soul that IT IS NOT.

The dreams you have inside you do not require you to chase or follow anyone or anything. 

They do not require you to sacrifice any part of who you are, and what you truly want.

They are not waiting for you to be better in any way, shape or form.

They are waiting for you to really want them. To want them so bad, no one and nothing else matters.

So here I am. This is me –

I will continue sharing my messages.

I will continue to share my unpopular opinions. 

I will continue to talk about whatever I want, whenever I want, as often as I please. 

I will continue to help people with the mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic tools that have been gifted to me.

I will continue showing up for myself and for the people who are meant to hear what I have to say.

I was wrong to think I could live in someone else’s world when the people that need me and what I bring to the table, are looking for me to show them MY world.

I was doing it all wrong. 

Me, an experienced consultant with over a decade of business, leadership, mindset, and corporate coaching expertise, helping clients across the globe with 7 and 8 figure businesses, I forgot – 

The only way to do anything, is the way you know is right and true for YOU. 

Everything else are stupid, false, and misaligned rules you’ve created for yourself because you are too afraid to own ALL of what and who you are.

Whats it gonna be?!

Never forget:

Life’s a game. Break all the rules.