A few years ago, I started using visualization as a part of my mindset routine, and I totally sucked at it.

It was hard for me to sit still, not get distracted and keep my thoughts from wondering. I have trained extensively in most things Leadership Psychology while in Corporate, and I have had a life-long romance with everything to do with how the human mind works, but back then, I still believed “day-dreaming” or visualization was a waste of time.

Knowing what I knew, and continuing my research on just how powerful visualization is, I felt had to keep trying it for myself. I’ve always enjoyed a good personal challenge against myself. When I dug deeper, I uncovered that I knew all along it was effective, I just didn’t believe it would work for me.

I had a deep-rooted belief that re-wiring my mind and achieving my goals couldn’t be that easy for ME.

Maybe for everyone else on YouTube; maybe for people that were under Tony Robbins; maybe, for everyone I helped and worked with, but just not for me.

This was also right around the time I started learning about and playing with meditation, which also had an interesting rough start. I wanted it so bad, but believed it was a hard thing only disciplined monks mastered, and everyone else that said they meditated were liars. Every cell in my body believed it was hard, and so it was.

To be honest, I wasn’t really consistent, and felt like maybe visualization wasn’t for me. But, fast-forward a few years, and the random visualization spurts turned into an almost daily thing because even thought I gave up, something always pulled back into trying it again. I should add that I also continued to try meditation until I got it, and now I won’t go a day without it.

Anyway, there was something about day-dreaming that changed my state so quickly and effectively.

I could notice the changes in my way of thinking, in my awareness, in the way I dealt with challenges that came up, and even in how I dealt with my own bullshit when limiting beliefs wanted to take over, and I just felt like giving up sometimes. I could sense an overall shift in perception, and I believe vivid day-dreaming had everything to do with it.

I can’t say that I was ONLY doing visualization because I wasn’t. But I will say that visualization was the new thing I added, and when I did it more consistently, it stood out as making a bigger impact. And pretty soon I was hooked!

Then I started to play around with using visualization more strategically by focusing in on specific goals or desired outcomes consistently, and “stacking” journal prompts, meditation slots, tapping, etc. on top of the energy going toward those particular goals. I’m right in the middle of loving data and numbers, and crazy art and creativity, so having some sense of measure seemed important for this creative exercise, too.

I knew there wasn’t a magic formula for any of this because all of it is really as effective as the energy we put behind it, but I wanted to be able to focus on those specific goals for a certain period of time. It was my way of testing it to see if it had “worked.”

I guess I wanted to use the Law of Attraction in my own sort of way by creating a hybrid process of awesomsauce AKA a new routine that was highly-targeted and highly-effective at getting my frequency where it needed to be to match my goals. I played around a lot with “stacking” my efforts, and all of it was so damn powerful.

Eventually, I didn’t want to spend 2 hours at a time, stopping throughout the day, to use ALL of the tricks I loved for this new routine I was creating, so I focused on the ones that felt best to me.

That’s where my “Power Visualization” was born. It’s a multi-sensory strategic way of stacking a of set the most powerful unconscious-engaging rituals, to target specific goals and desired outcomes in a very specific way for a pre-determined period of time. It’s not a one-size fits all, and it only works if you do the work.

I am excited to share this because for a long time I held a limiting belief that these experiments I did on myself were of no use to anyone else. But the more I began to do them and change and grow, the more I realized this powerful information had to be shared. All my work, and the goal of “Power Visualization,” is to show people another simple way of using the tools and resources they already have inside them.

Power Visualization is another tool and vehicle for change and TRANSFORMATION because you create it, however –

You still have to get in the driver’s seat and do all the driving.

You have to commit and do the work consistently.

You have to believe that you are capable of doing hard things.

You have to believe that you are worthy of the happiness, success and fulfillment you seek to feel WHOLE.