Without a Real Estate License

Right before Thanksgiving last year, I ran a challenge in my Facebook community The Empire Lab. During “The 7-Day Empire Mindset,” every day for seven days, I shared with my tribe exactly what I’ve done to re-train my thoughts and subconscious (always a work in progress) to go from lost and broke to confident, committed and consistently banking every month.

One of those days was “The Art of Journaling.” I gave them all my tips and tricks on how to journal to change their lives and businesses. I even showed them a picture of my journal with my entry for that day. What I didn’t expect from that entire experience was to fine-tune my own mindset practice and tweak my journaling to perfection.

Before that 7-day challenge, I had never considered journaling about my husband’s real estate business. Technically, it’s his business as he’s the licensed realtor, but I am a vital part of it. We fully support each other and help one another anyway we can. All this time, I felt like my mindset practice and specifically my journaling had to be all about ME (my consulting business, thoughts, desires, limiting beliefs). I had always prayed for him and his business endeavors and I journal about our family, relationship and life altogether, but it wasn’t until my own challenge that it dawned on me how I had discounted his business as something that could and always has impacted my mindset.

I had neglected to include that aspect of my life in my mindset practice and thus neglected to manifest miracles that were waiting to be tapped into. His business is his baby, his passion, and he is the love of my life. Why wasn’t I journaling about something so important to the life WE are creating this whole time?

So right around Thanksgiving, I made huge changes. My journaling became lengthier, my hand cramped more frequently, the pages of my journal filled more rapidly. But the rush of the events that followed almost immediately after I started doing that, is immeasurable.

I started to get real specific in my journal, my thoughts and the words that I spoke about where we wanted his real estate business to go. We wanted to wrap up the year with a bang because he is gearing up for an EPIC 2017. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

I started journaling about very specific properties. I changed every “if” to a “WHEN. “

“If this property sells, we can…..”


“When this property sells, we can….”

I mapped out how we wanted things to go without holding back or limiting myself to the ideal of being “realistic.”

– How much I wanted the properties to sell for.

– When I wanted them to close.

– How I wanted the negotiation process to go.

– How I wanted the closing process to go.

– How would it feel to have these things happen.

– What were we going to do WHEN they did happen.

Some of these properties were a pain to sell. Some had been listed for over 6 months. In addition to journaling, we started to pray about it more specifically too. We made it a point to be in full gratitude daily ON PURPOSE. We thanked God for what was going to happen as if He had already told us personally that is was going to happen. We had unwavering gratitude no matter what happened while we waited in ACTION. We were thankful for the arguments between sellers and buyers, the delays, the setbacks. All those events quickly resolved themselves and ALWAYS ended in an outcome that benefited us more than the original plan or anticipation. It was miracle after miracle. Better than I could have ever journaled it.

Within a couple of days, my thought processes had shifted dramatically. It’s real estate, I would be lying if I said that sometimes it seemed like we wouldn’t be closing anything. We were powerless of other’s people’s actions. But we are in control of our reactions, and what we allowed ourselves to dwell on. None of the hiccups bothered me. I had meditated on it, prayed on it, journaled it into existence. I watched my husband take inspired action every day — and WE came to BELIEVE it was going to happen and that it was just a matter of time. I eliminated every doubt, fear and thought that contradicted what we wanted. It became more than an affirmation or a declaration. It was a belief.

Sixty days and five properties later, and as I write this another contract came in, totaling more than $1.25M manifested. I’m not a magician. There’s nothing special about me. God loves all his children. There isn’t anything I did that you can’t do too to transform your mind, thoughts and ultimately life.

“ Every day, stand guard at the door of your mind, and you alone decide what thoughts and beliefs you let into your life. For they will shape whether you feel rich or poor, cursed or blessed.” Jim Rohn

Originally published at www.huffingtonpost.com on January 12, 2017.

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