Raw, Real & Rebellious Speeches

Vanessa is a sought after global speaker known for her authentic, vulnerable, and powerful speeches.

She operates under the belief that to have it all, you must give your all. So she brings that passion and dedication to the audience in every speech.

Vanessa is known for making complex topics, easy to understand, digest and implement with her content-rich speeches, presentations and workshops.

Who Does Vanessa Speak To?

She speaks to visionaries, champions, new/old entrepreneurs, students, and educators. Her signature speech Raw, Real + Rebellious is for anyone who has ever been on a journey to become the best version of themselves, live on purpose and impact the world positively. It’s honest, outside the box and beyond inspiring.

Her speeches are perfect for business conferences and events; colleges and universities; corporate events, non-profit event and associations (to name a few).

What Does She Speak About?

With over a decade of global consulting expertise, including the perfect combination of leadership psychology training and a never-ending supply of innovative business strategies, Vanessa always shares a message and lesson from her intuition.

Vanessa’s top signature speech topics include:

  • Raw, Real + Rebellious™: The New Age of Entrepreneurship
  • A Phoenix in The Mirror: Turning Pain Into Power to Succeed at Life and Business
  • The 15-Minute Content System™: A Simple Strategy to Easily Create Any Type of Content

Vanessa loves to share her heart, brain and truth with the men and women who are ready for healing, awakening, abundance and freedom.

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For media and speaking inquiries, please send your request to admin@vanessarende.com