Musicians, artists, Coke, Pepsi, FabFitFun, Facebook, YouTube, ClickFunnels, and ANY OTHER big brands, businesses or leaders create something new, and what do they do? 

They shamelessly promote it, and act like it’s the best thing since chocolate. 

They track our cookies to make sure every site we visit comes with a trail of their marketing messages. 

They email us, sharing stories, testimonials and reminding us of what they’ve created and how it can impact us.

Why do you think they are so persistent about exposing their new product and sharing it with the world?

Why do you think Russel Brunson doesn’t give AF if you get annoyed at his countless ads everywhere you go after you join just one of his funnels? 

You know you’ve seen him on Facebook, IG and def on YouTube. That dude is relentless about his mission. 

Why do you think the musician promotes the single, the album, the collaborations, the video, the tour, the concert, a million posts – doesn’t stop to ask if it’s too much or is she’s annoying people?

Why do you think coke or Pepsi come up with yet another “flavor” and spend millions making sure you see and hear about it?

Because they believe in their product/service/art. 

Even when nobody else does or cares, they stand by it.

And they don’t give a shit if they annoy you and a million other people, because with all those NOs come the juicy YESsssssss. The reason they do what they do: the people they serve through their purpose work.

They invest in it because they believe in it.

They SHOW UP for it because they choose to keep believing in it – even as they battle doubts, fears, disempowering beliefs, comfort zones and other internal and external  blocks that may arise.

They choose to believe again and again. Sometimes once a day, some days, once an hour. But they stay choosin’.

Because they are excited about what they are giving to the world, and they know that that excitement is the true frequency, vibration overall damn ENERGY of what they’re offering their people – 

not being “salesy” or “pushy” or “too much,” or whatever other buttons your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging ways will throw at you. 

And they choose to truly embody a reality where it can only be a success by GOING ALL IN and taking consistent action to prove it to God, themselves and their people.

They invest their energy, time, resources and money into THAT BELIEF. 

And because they know that it’s their job to tell the world about it, until they’re blue in the face, if necessary, because the more people hear and see their message, the higher the likelihood of their tribe and loyal customers finding them and benefiting from that new product/service/piece of art.

Whatever it is you do?


Stop half-assing your dreams because of your half-ass beliefs because when you choose to do so, those beliefs can be changed.

Go all in, damn it!

Do it like it’s your job and mission and it will save the world/make it a better place. 

Do it like the only people who are watching are the ones your service/product is meant for. 

Do it like they are standing by, waiting everyday for you to do your job and create, share, sell TF outta what you do.

Do it like you’re coated expensive butta, and let the haters, non-supported and non-believers slide off you like they never stood a chance against.

Because what’s the real difference between you and those entrepreneurs, leaders, and brands?

That they have a fancier logo, more team members and more ad money?

That they’ve been around longer and have more expertise?

That they’re at big events, billboards or have a million followers?

What does that have to do with how much YOU CHOOSE to believe in your product/service/art?

How does that really stop you from doing what you want to do, showing up and helping others? It doesn’t!

What does anything that anyone thinks, says, or does have anything to do with what you stand for, what you’re made of and what you came here to do?!

Let them unfriend you. Let them be annoyed. Let them talk.

Let them wonder who the hell you think you are.

Let whoever think whatever. 

Your job isn’t to tend to anyone’s triggers, expectations and needs. 

Your job is to do your job: live your purpose, live with passion, march to your own damn beat!


Stop hiding from your bigness, boldness and the power you bring with you in a not so subtle way!

Stop NOT sharing your stories, experiences and truth.

Stop shrinking to make “them” like you or feel better about their own shitty choices. 

Stop telling yourself you need to accomplish X, Y & Z to start, and start NOW, today because you know the XYZ is just more own bullshit. 

Stop dumbing yourself down to fit in places you never belonged or certainly don’t belong anymore. 

Stop telling yourself that it’s ok, close enough or as good as it’s gonna a get when you know damn-well, you have a fire inside you shouting that 


Stop holding onto habits and vices that numb you if you say you’re trying to create a life you don’t need escaping from. 

Stop holding onto relationships, friendships, commitments and things/people you KNOW are taking the space of what you really want. 

Stop trying to be all things for all peoples, and focus on what you came here to do. 

You DO know what that is, and if you’ve lost your way, look within. 

The answer is there although it may be uncomfortable for you to acknowledge and do something about at first – it still all comes down to CHOICE. 

Choose to listen to that calling. 

Choose to answer it. 

Choose to keep answering it until you die. 

Why do you choose to believe that it’s okay for every other passionate, creative, leader/brand/business to boldly share their message, sell their services/products and try to make the world “a better place,” but not YOU?

Why is it okay for all of those fears, excuses, stories and subconscious program rules to continue defining who you are and how you show up?

It’s not okay and you know it. 

You’ve been pushing yourself down, hand over mouth, quieting your very soul for so long, it’s more natural to doubt yourself than to believe. 

You’ve been trying to make everyone happy while ignoring your own needs and desire for so long, you actually think you have to “work hard” and “go a long way” to find and BE that confident person inside yourself again –

When really?

She never left. She’s always been there. 

That’s why you’re reading this. 

You caged her up, but she’s still there because if she wasn’t, you wouldn’t hear and feel her roaring. 

A roaring that has you soul searching. 

She’s begging to be set free. 

And self mastery is how you set her completely free. 

Make a decision to no longer let yourself “go” in any part of your life: soul-mined-heart-body

Brutally honest with yourself, take ruthless personal responsibility, and take your power back. 

But this is not just any decision. Because you don’t need to keep making empty decisions and breaking your heart again. 

This is a decision you need to make to go all into YOU, your dreams, your purpose and calling – 

To do whatever it takes, everyday, to keep aligning yourself back to who you really are, who you’ve always been; to get as uncomfortable as it takes to break free from those old patterns and create a discipline to keep showing up as that version of you;

To stop fighting the war within yourself of goals vs. disempowering beliefs, and become a magnet for what you want.