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Today, I had a recurring thought: Your immune system starts in the gut. 

You want to feel reassured that you’re doing everything you can for your body, your kids/family’s health and well-being in these times?

Love yourself from the inside out. 

You don’t need a gym, the world to be ‘normal’ (whatever that is), or for you to have motivation to do what you know you MUST to stay healthy, well and connected to what’s going on in your body. 

THAT state + vibe, are a choice. 

Don’t obsess over vitamin C, only. 

Don’t bitch and moan and cop-out because the workout group or gym is in social-distancing. 

Love yourself from the inside out (now and always).

Eat more healing herbs, plants, veggies, spices and natural ingredients. 

Walk away from eating the stuff that makes you feel good for 5 mins and like shit for 5 hours. 

Stay on your probiotics. 

This whole situation has really drawn my health awareness, not to toilet paper, bulk buying, or mass prepping, but to maintaining me and my family’s immune system by focusing on the gut through proper nutrition and natural/plant supplements that have high-bioavailability. 

My soul and intuition have been guiding me to just give the gut a little more love right now. 

I’m not saying you should be like me or do what I do, but I am saying, AGAIN, to love yourself from the inside out. 

Move your ass.

I HATE home workouts. 

I’d rather go to 5 different gyms than workout at home with a bunch of kids climbing over me like drunk, goat yoga (not that I have EVER), but guess what? 

My gym is closed. 

And I already KNOW that I need to connect to my body, move, SWEAT errrrrrryday. 

If I don’t, the self-care/love I require each day is not met. 

And if I don’t get it, I become a person I don’t like – a person who no matter how hard she tries, won’t  feel focused, productive or good throughout the day; and thereby, doesn’t show up as the woman, mother and creator she is. 


So, I’m sucking it up and taking advantage of the available opportunities, instead of focusing on not having what I want and can’t have right now (the gym a/k/a me-time in a world of music where nothing but my body and notes exist). #missyoulegpress 


At-home (non-goat) yoga, nature walks/hikes, creative dumbbell routines, nerf wars, wrestling matches, and having two kids has the ability to burn plenty of calories and keep my toned. I just had to remind myself of that.

Moving your body = changing your mind = changing your state. 

Sometimes, I have to remind myself once a day; other times, once an hour. 

Either way, I don’t ever have to remind myself that  I get to choose –

and I WILL continue choosing what’s aligned for me even as the world believes it is ending because even if it were the end (which it is certainly NOT), 

I’d choose love, light, joy, inner peace, and to believe God’s got this –  over ANY alternative. 

Is what you’re doing really aligned for you? 

Are your thoughts/emotions/actions serving you right now, when you need them to the most?

Is falling back on the events outside, in the world, really a good enough excuse to bail on YOU, your kids, your health, your plans and goals in life?


You deserve better than panic, stress and fear. 

You deserve better than to wake up each day and relinquish your right to happiness, joy and peace. 

You deserve BETTER. 

Your body deserves more love and attention than what the world believes you can afford to give it right now. 

Your children need and deserve to be shown how to stand firm in their faith in a time of mass fear and abandonment of SELF. 

And nobody can do it for you. 

You have the power to choose how THIS reality plays out. 

Not only when things *seem* like they have hope but ALWAYS. 

Stop telling yourself nothing is good enough, and instead, make now, this moment enough – move it. 

Eat for fuel more than you do for fun, escaping and numbing. 

I love food. 

I am Cuban a/k/a, and I have a taste for the finer, bready, fried, guava-cheese-yes-please, pastelito things in life –


My body loves, craves, NEEDS movement (even though my mind tries to convince it otherwise). 

So, it’s a win-win, when I am disciplined enough to listen, eat + move. 

When you check out and let your body go?

All of you goes. 


Listen to your body. 

Those discomforts, aches and pains are sending you a message. 

Not that you’re old, fat and should start digging your grave – 

BUT that now is the time: 

DO something about it even when you don’t wanna.

Even when the world wants, thinks and says you should be obsessing over current events, CENTER BACK TO YOU. 

Oh, and stop freaking out + mind ya business. 

Just because everyone else wants to focus on the what-ifs, doesn’t mean you have to listen.

It doesn’t mean you MUST FOLLOW. 

You know you don’t. Dare to trust in your own way. 

That’s part of your strength. 

Remember who you are and who’s you are. 

Remember what you are here to do and who leans on you. 

You are here for a purpose, and that purpose is not to give up for ANY reason. 

I am praying that you give faith the attention fear is SO desperately trying to rob from you. 

Keep your energy sacred now more than ever. 

You can be educated, prepared and IN faith/trust. 

You don’t have to surrender hope. 

You can choose to surrender THE doubt. 

I’m sending everyone great, rays of healing, covering and protecting light. 

God has this. 

Be. Still.