Breakthrough Session with Vanessa Rende

Ready to identify and release all of the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that have been keeping you from being who you want to be and living the life you want to live?

A Breakthrough Session can help catapult you in that direction!

My 1/2 day Breakthrough Session is up to 4 hours (with breaks) and is a supercharged one-one-one experience that helps you quickly achieve lasting change and transformation for personal and professional growth.

My Breakthrough Sessions are designed to help you with:

Releasing negative thoughts, emotions, and habits

Increasing self-confidence, motivation, efficiency, decisions making

Improving self-discipline, time management, health, wellness, and concentration

Letting go of phobias, impulses, and other limiting behaviors

Improving overall performance personally and professionally

Rewiring your mind and nervous system for instant and lasting change

During our time together, we address anything and everything that may be stopping you from personal and professional success. No subject is taboo because it is all connected, and the purpose of the session is to help you break away from whatever is stopping you from growing. We do the Breakthrough Session over a 4-hour period with plenty of notes, exercises, and of course, breaks.

You walk away from this experience a new person, with new SMART Goals, and an action plan to stay on track. Then, 30 days later, we meet for a 60-minute tune-up call to make sure you’ve stayed on track, work through anything new that may have come up, and us our time together to give you one more push in the direction you want to go.

A Breakthrough Session is the ticket to working on the areas of yourself that will allow you to live a more happy, fulfilling and successful life. You’ve tried to do it on your own, now allow yourself to get the support and guidance you deserve to reach the next level.

Spots are limited to a few each month. 


In honor of my grandmother’s birthday on April 22, my Breakthrough Sessions are even more accessible at 50% for the entire month of April for the first five people.

Spots are very limited as this is private one-on-one work, and very high-touch! But don’t worry, we will be doing it all virtually, so no one will be actually touched in the releasing of your awesomeness!

To reserve your Breakthrough Session, click below to pay, and reserve your spot directly through my calendar. Once you book your session, you will receive a questionnaire that you must complete at least 48 hours prior to your Breakthrough Session. This will help us leave no stone unturned when it comes to releasing and re-wiring you for more growth and success!