“I Have Not Failed, I Have Found 10,000 Ways That Won’t Work.”

– Thomas Edison

Children develop their view of themselves and the world around them from the voices they hear in their heads.

Sometimes that voice comes from a positive influence that loves unconditionally and consistently.

Sometimes, it comes from a lonely, painful place that fuels hopelessness.

As a result, the latter happens, and misunderstood, unloved, and troubled kids often turn into broken adults beyond the point of no return. Consequently, resulting in increased violence, substance abuse and mental illness.

When my oldest son was three, he was disgnosed with ADHD and child PTSD. If a messy divorce and custody battle wasn’t enough, he was also abused physically and emotionally, causing his anxiety and stress levels to negatively impact his emotions and behavior for years.

After the last incident in early 2017, I knew I had to do something MORE to help him decipher between the voices in his head telling him he wasn’t “good enough” and

The system had failed him like so many other kids, countless times; but I wasn’t going to allow a few concrete lemons to ruin the person and future I see in my child.

The possibilities I see in every child.

In a recent research story by the Harvard Graduate School of Education,  they noted that “positive mindsets can be taught and reinforced, as researchers in other disciplines have found. In one study the commentary cites, parents who consistently praised their toddlers for effort, rather than for talent or innate traits, were found to have children with positive mindsets five years later. 

These children, at ages 7 and 8, were more likely to believe that their abilities could change and grow with hard work. This aligns with a large body of education research showing that a “growth mindset” — a set of beliefs that help learners connect success with hard work and perseverance — contributes to improved student outcomes.”

In another unrelated study conducted by mindset pioneer Carol Dweck, found that “simply describing to seventh graders the brain’s power to learn had the effect of changing students’ approach to their work and improving math outcomes.”

The BIG message? The pattern? The point?

Our Children Need More Exposure and Access to  Mindset Tools and Techniques to Help Them Manage Their Emotions, Thoughts and Beliefs. 


Our hands are not tied behind our backs, leaving the school and legal system and society to raise our kids. We can do better, we can do more. We have to pay MORE attention to what’s going on inside them instead of worrying about perfect grades, sports or a social life. For me, the gamechanger was when I realized the weight of this responsibility to myself and my children. 

And that’s why I created The Invisible Hat Series; to reach children across every inch of the globe with a message that says:

“You are strong enough.

You are smart enough.

You are good enough.

To keep going until you get what you want regardless of how hard or out of reach it may feel!”

This collection of children’s mindset books will be published in every language around the world, encouraging children everywhere to embrace change, challenge their limits and unlock the unlimited possibilities available to every child.


Vanessa has been writing children’s stories, poetry and business reports for as long as she can remember. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved writing and knew she wanted to author books. She had no idea that she would be publishing a series of children’s mindset books before her own tell-all biography (still in progress), but has whole-heardtedly embraced that part of her mission.

Vanessa dreams of a world where every child has access to the resources and guidance they need to unlock their potential and be the best version of themselves.

She is a former business, risk, management and leadership consultant for several United States Federal Governement Agencies, in addition to hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.  Vanessa is also a public speaker, children’s rights advocate, beach addict and essential oil lover.

Vanessa helps people across the globe find and fix what’s not working in their businesses and lives with her books, speeches, private mentoring and occassional online group programs.

She lives in Florida with her two sons, Aaron and Noah, and her husband Matthew. They love traveling, swimming and playing UNO.


Jana Fak is a Slovenian Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Artist. When she was a little girl, she knew that one day she would be an artist even though at times, she wasn’t sure she could.

Her family supported her dreams to study art, and that’s exactly what she did! She is passionate about illustrating children’s books, especially children’s mindset books, because she credits her success, resilience and hustle to them for believing in her unconditionally and encouraging her to follow her dreams even when she didn’t think she would make it as an artist.

She has a degree in Art from Arthouse College for Visible Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and in 2009, she moved to Germany to follow her heart and dreams as a freelance illustrator and entrepreneur. She owns the Jana Fak Collection brand, and loves bright colors and good vibes.

Jana’s dream has always been to collaborate on a children’s book project, and she and Vanessa are making that a reality with Noah Knots Not, the first book in The Invisible Hat Series.

She is inspired by amazing Japanese artists Yoshiomoto Nara and Takashi Murakami, whose influence is reflected in her style. Jana is a wild heart, free spirit, and a beautiful soul.

Check out more of Jana’s amazing work at shop.janafak.com