Lately there’s been a staleness in the air. Whether it’s a Facebook group I’ve been in for a year or a new one I am testing out, I see the same thing. More entrepreneurs entering the game. More Facebok business pages. More questions. More “how do I?” But, less engagement. Less action. Less authenticity.

It seems that entrepreneurs are having to hustle 10 times harder than ever to get real visibility and not participate in the rat race. The cookie-cutter crap is phasing out. New and old entrepreneurs are tired of the same dog and pony show. Potential and existing clients are demanding 100% blood, sweat, and tears vulnerability.

They can see through the you, and they can see that you go about your business like pre-programmed robot, doing what every other Facebook entrepreneur does just to fit in. To be successful. To create a name for yourself and BANK.

I know you do want to fit in. I know you follow who you follow because they inspire you and they motivate you. I know that whether you’ve admitted it to yourself or not, you want what they have. You want the financial freedom. You want the raving fans. You want the income while you sleep.

Who doesn’t right?

So, you pay thousands of dollars to work with these people. One doesn’t work out, so you hire another. That one tells she/he can help you with A, B, C but not D-Z so you hire 2, 3, 4 coaches. You invest in your business because you know that you don’t know it all. And you’re right, you don’t.

You do need a great coach or two or three. You do need the right online course or educational seminar. Being an entrepreneur is all about having a growth mindset above any other mindset. You’re on the right path if you think and believe that you need to continuously learn to keep growing and mast who you were made to be.

But you spend thousands of dollars on online courses and coaches for what?

To do exactly what they do.

Write exactly like they write.

Post in Facebook exactly like they do.

Coach like they do.

Set up your funnels like they do.

Express yourself like they do.

And sometimes, to not do any of it at all. To just consume more information and stay paralyzed in inaction and indecision.

You think and hope that there’s transparency, but in most cases, there isn’t.

If you do decide to do the work, you replicate what you grasp in an unathentic and unnaturally systemic format. If you’re lucky, you hire coaches who are real and give you the raw unfiltered methods of success. But if you’re like so many, you end up with a half a strategy and more overwhelmed and confused than when you started. The product you end up looking like a copycat and people can smell you 5 miles away.

So how do you fix this?

Every time you put out a piece of content, remind yourself that:

They’ve seen it a million times already. The same coaching style. The same branding. The same posting style. The same messaging. The same 42 emails a day. The same pitching.

How are you going to make YOUR content any different if you’re following the crowd? How are you going to rebel against the norm and STAND OUT among a billion people on Facebook every month?

You will not if you keep consuming information and not OWNING it as your own.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. – Joseph Campbell

You want to stand out?

You want to do what no one has done before?

You want to not only make money but do it doing something that fulfills you?

You want to do things people didn’t even think could exist in this space?

BE YOURSELF. Take what you learn from the good coaches and strategists and mentors and OWN IT.

The magic trick is EVERYTHING that you are, have been and want to be. Your story, your life, your pain, your pleasure, your failures and your success. The secret sauce is you. Everyone will tell you that you have to be yourself, but very few will actually tell and show you how. This is how!

Don’t post on Facebook like everyone else. Because guess what, you’re wasting more time posting in Facebook groups 3-15 times per day than it would take you to create ONE raw, real and rebellious message to attract your clients.

Don’t send out a gazillion emails to your list every time they sign up for something becasue that’s what “they” taught you to do if it doesn’t feel right.

Don’t force yourself into a live training or webinars if that’s not your jam. FORGET WEBINARS! If it doesn’t feel good, it is not YOU and no matter how many times you do it like they taught you and do it consistently – even if you become successful at it – it will not fulfil you and will eventually fail you in one way or another.

If its not YOU, don’t do it. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. PERIOD.

It’s time to take all the money you’ve spent on coaches and courses and seminars and God knows what else – and inject YOU into the six and seven-figure formulas. It’s time to shine and stand out once and for all or blend in and be forgotten forever.

I believe you can do it. Do you?