About V

Vanessa Rende is An Entrepreneur, Business + Life Advisor, Author and Public Speaker

Vanessa has been a business consultant for over 12 years, working with businesses across the globe, the U.S. Government and various types of entrepreneurs.

She is passionate about providing personal development and business education to people who are ready to step into the power God gave them and the life they’re meant to live, not just survive.

Vanessa’s clients and peers are no average bears. They are visionaries, coaches, therapists, artists, mentors. They are driven by their mission to impact the masses. She also loves working with and fully supports businesses and people who are conscious and care about others and the planet we share.

She is the creator of The Invisible Hat Series™, a collection of children’s stories aimed at developing their growth mindset. Vanessa thinks that early mindset practices in young children, especially those that are at a disadvantage, will result in She is an advocate of children’s safety and rights.

Vanessa helps people do what they were born to do in life and business, using transformational personalized mindset techniques and innovative customized business strategies.

She has helped hundreds of people unlock their life’s purpose and hone in on their message and mission. Vanessa believes that abundance, alignment and consistent flow come from the inner work a person must continuously do throughout life.

Always be asking. Always be seeking. Always keep moving.

Never stop believing.

To chat with Vanessa about getting her help to get you to the next level, check out the Work With Me page.