Vanessa Rende is a Speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Podcaster. She is a former corporate consultant in the mortgage-backed securities industry, helping private, public and government agencies with risk, management, leadership and business strategies.

When her sexy career as a corporate consultant with a cushy paycheck, fat bonus and a false sense of freedom offered her an all-expense paid relocation to Denver, CO to work from a cubicle when she wasn’t traveling, Vanessa knew she wanted MORE. And she knew it was time to go all in.

A new homeowner and mom, she turned down the offer and launched her consulting firm in 2011 to help businesses and entrepreneurs with leadership, process improvement, marketing, business development and other business strategies.

Using her 12+ years of experience, formal training and life lessons, Vanessa is among the rare few business champions who is truly results and impact-driven.  It is her mission to turn the hundreds she has impacted into millions.