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The first quarter of 2017 came and went just like that. Some had a great start to the year while others are hanging to the possibility of a better Q2. Wherever it is that you may be in business today, as humans, the question is always the same when we see the year flying by and our to do list growing by the dozens:

What can I do to be better next month, quarter, year?

I’ve compiled the 5 things you need to stop doing TODAY to make the rest of 2017 EPIC.

Overthinking: We are all guilty of it. At one point or another for whatever reason, we start to overthink every business decision. Every opt-in, every offer and every minute change needed on our website becomes a need for a meeting at the Pentagon. Overthinking leads to indecision and worse of all inaction. While you are trying to perfect something that will never be perfect (you’re human, duh), the world is missing out on what you want to share. They can’t give you feedback. They can’t participate. They can’t ignore it if it sucks. And you my friend, are missing out on valuable input, connections and results as a result of your overthinking.

Trying to Work with Everyone: Just because you can help everyone, doesn’t mean you should. Most of us got where we are today after a long journey that has yet to end. We collected all of these skills, abilities and qualities. But you are not meant to use all of them to make money. Your Zone of Genius isn’t doing all the things. It is in doing the things that you love. The things that you were born to do, helping people you love to help. Stop saying yes to every opportunity because you need the money. You’re actually losing more money when you take off random projects outside of your genius. Focus on your mission and the money will always follow.

Giving into Fear: If anyone tells you that you have to be fearless to survive entrepreneurship, they are lying. We are humans and it is impossible to be fearless. What is possible, is for you to master your mindset so that you can be self-aware of that fear. It wears many masks and disguises itself as many different mindset issues. The fact of the matter is that you know when fear is creeping in. Learn to stop it. Push through it until you get to the other side.

Watering Yourself Down: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the easiest way to make money online is to be yourself. When you water down your message, you water down your mission. You end up attracting the wrong people instead of the people who are out there looking for you as much as you are looking for them. Don’t filter your opinions or dilute your message to fit someone else’s comfort zone.

Caring About What People Think: You are not on this earth to make everyone happy. You have a purpose and a place in this world. Caring about what people think instead of focusing on what you think, is self-sabotage. It’s telling yourself that you are not enough because what other people think holds much more weight than what you think. They are not you. They don’t share your passion and they haven’t lived your life. No one could ever compare to you and what you provide. Hit delete the next time you find yourself worrying about if people liked your post or watched your video.