In 2015, I came back into online entrepreneurship ready to blow up faster and better than the first time around. There was only one problem, everything I was trying wasn’t working. I was blending in and getting lost in the crowd. Within 30 days, I was making money, but I found myself working with all of the wrong people. I was attracting the wrong people with my message and pitching to the wrong people, showing them offers they didn’t want or need.

After much test and trial, I came up with a little formula that worked so well, I ran to upgrade my branding, website and hired a multiple 7-figure coach to take me under her wing. Yes, this “formula” was that successful. In fact, I made $6,000 within 14 days of rolling it out and executing like my life depended on it.

1) CREATE: I created something I knew my ideal client wanted (free). Then, created a package to offer them at the right time. This was no random idea, people. My opt-in and offer were strategic as was the content that I created during #2.

2) DESIGN: Based on my freebie and offer, I designed a content and visibility plan that would grab my ideal clients’ attention and show them that I’m not all brains. I have some beauty too. And kids and sometimes I skip the gym. You get the point. This is where the meat and potatoes of this little formula really goes (aside from execution, duh). Because this is where you use your creativity to create something to take the leads you’re getting in front of from cold to know, like and love at 100 mph.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Serve, provide value, put your brain out there for everyone to see. Weave in your opt in and offers, and don’t forget the invites for them to join your community. Include it ALL. The right ones will be inspired and motivated by what you share, the wrong ones will go their merry way.

3) CONNECT: I connected with people in groups and people that follow pages I know my ideal client follows. I messaged them. I gave them a chance to see my post in my profile and get to know me. I also connected with people who liked/followed pages on Facebook I knew my ideal clients would like/follow too. This eliminated so much of the guess-work because knowing that these individuals were in the same groups as me or followed/liked pages I knew were relevant to my business, eliminated that cold lead feel.

4) INVITE: In batches, every few days after connecting with new individuals, I invited them to like my page and join my community. I made sure I reached out to them with the invites. I never dumped them in my group and hoped for the best.

5) EXECUTE: I put strategic promos, offers, group invites and special content in front of them to impact my three main focuses: sales, visibility/following and community.

Because who wants to wait to live their dreams? Your work is GOLD and you should only work with clients who agree.

Tired of piecing your business together and working with the wrong people for pennies?

Ready to get in front of the right people every day and start making real money?

Hint: You don’t need better branding, a fancier website or to consume more info. You’ve already tried everything and the sales just aren’t coming in.

I know working with the wrong people (or not enough right people) has cost you more than you’d like to admit. I know the frustration of feeling like you’re doing everything right and still not seeing the fruits.

You don’t have to keep spinning in circles, doing what everything else is doing and throwing spaghetti on the wall to see if it sticks.

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Vanessa Rende is a business consultant with over 12 years experience, helping Fortune 500 Companies and elite entrepreneurs across the globe find and fix money leaks, stand out in a crowded market and dominate their niche, doing what they were born to do.