Depending on where you see the research, I’ve read that our brain is hit with over 2 million bits of information per second (BPS), and it can only grab onto approximately under 130 BPS, consciously. When I first heard that number, it blew my mind. There are different numbers floating around from different researchers, but they are all pretty close and all impressive.

Whatever numbers you may choose to rely on, they all still prove one thing: perception is interpretation.

The way we view the world and others is based only on a limited amount of information that gets filtered through to our minds. We then use what we know, what we’ve experienced, what we feel, and what we think we know, to try and put the pieces together. Those put-together pieces become our reality.

The problem?

Sometimes, the pieces aren’t right, and no matter how much we try to mash them together to reach our goals, the pieces won’t fit together until we decide to choose different pieces. It’s true, our brains are super computers full of energy, electricity and abilities; and we have the power to control what 130 BPS we capture and focus on. In doing so, we can achieve our goals faster and with more ease.

So now that I’ve nerd-ed out a little bit on the way our minds work, let me explain how simply adding a 2–10 minute visualization routine to your day can help you achieve your goals easier and faster.

Visualization engages the unconscious mind, which is responsible for 95–99% of brain activity, directly impacting decisions, actions, emotions and behaviors. And while it runs some things automatically, like our lungs and heart (to name a few), it’s always listening for orders, and waiting to help us make the next best move, with as little resistance as possible.

But without continually engaging, tweaking and/or re-programming it altogether, it runs to its default programs, which are basically the way you learned to think, feel and act from childhood and through life’s experiences.

Visualization helps you give your unconscious mind very clear orders, and it is awesome for changing your state! Here are three (of many) ways visualization helps you increase awareness, access higher consciousness, and choose a different 130 BPS to achieve your goals with more speed and ease:

1. A huge part of your mind’s “language” is in pictures and movies.

Everyone visualizes even if they don’t realize it. We use it to remember memories, to think of someone’s face who is not present, and to find where we parked our car (to name a few examples). Visualizing your goals imprints images, thoughts and feelings unto the unconscious.

If done in “power mode” as I like to call it, it engages as many of your senses as possible. Since the unconscious is where all emotions are housed, those imprints and the good feels translate into more thoughts and behaviors that result in more achieved goals. Pretty cool and simple, right?

2. Your super-computer mind is always hungry for more.

When you consistently feed it yummy visualizations of your goals and desired outcomes, it sees it as a challenge to serve and help you find the path there. It looks for ways to help you think, feel and act the way you do when you’re in that amazing state during visualization because it knows that you want to experience it, and it wants to you to have it! *insert mind-blown emoji here*

3. Our unconscious minds generate and store all our perceptions.

So, when we visualize our goals, dreams and desired outcomes consistently, by default, our perceptions start to change. It becomes easier for us to overcome obstacles that try to get in the way of us achieving our goals. Achieving the goal doesn’t seem that hard anymore, or too far into the future because our perception of it shifted, and that alone has the power to change our old beliefs and even our bodies.

I challenge you to try it, and if you have already tried it but aren’t consistent, I challenge you to make it a daily practice! In as little as 2 minutes, you can create an entire movie in your mind of what your best life looks like, and in watching your own movie every day, you can change your reality.

I should also mention that no two visualizations will ever be exactly the same even if you tried, and that is okay. Like memories, when we try to bring those images, thoughts and feelings back on, we may see, think, and feel different things at different times.

As long as the desired feelings and outcomes are present, it’s ok to tweak it, or to add and remove. The picture is supposed to get easier and better until it is no longer a picture, but rather, your new reality.

No go and daydream your heart away. There is no time limit or limit on the number of times you can or should visualize. Just commit to it, and trust the process. Before you know it, you’ll move onto visualizing even bigger goals because the ones you started with will be the present!

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