“Maybe the reason you can’t seem to get yourself unstuck once and for all is because you refuse to acknowledge and admit to yourself that you lack the disciplineto do so.”

I heard this pop in my head today right after I meditated.

Me? I said to myself.

“My entire day is centered around tuning into myself, staying present and not allowing anything or anyone (including my own thoughts, emotions and self) dictate who I am?! I don’t always get it perfectly, but for sometime now, I sure do try to not let my old limiting beliefs run the show.

I knew immediately that it applied to me only partly, but I still felt slightly triggered because, well, it hit a nerve.

Even though I know that I know this stuff and try my best each day to have the discernment to be disciplined even when I really don’t feel like it; I also know without a doubt that there are times when I do give in and allow myself to not be disciplined.

And not in an aligned, “self-care,” sort of way, either — if there’s such a thing. In the “what’s the point, booohoooo me” way.

Then I started thinking about all of the amazing people I know who know this stuff, too, but still can’t see to put one foot in front of the other for long enough to cause massive shifts. They get bursts of happiness, success, money, and even confidence, but it doesn’t last. It always fades.

I can identify the traits a mile away because I have visited that place in many times in my life. I know it and know it too well.

You look around and still think and feel like life is happening to you. You want to chuckle when you’re having a tough day and hear or read phrases about “creating your own reality,” and being in control of your thoughts and feelings.

How You Let Yourself Go

Even thought you want to believe it applies to you, too, in that moment when you’re not feeling your best, you can’t help but to not believe –

To let your thoughts run astray for longer than necessary, and let your emotions take over as if you were possessed or something.

At one point or another, you let yourself go –

Your thoughts

Your emotions

Your body

Your beliefs that your higher power created you for an actual purpose

You let yourself go for years.

Until one day, you can’t run away anymore. You can’t hide anymore from what’s eating you from the inside out.

So, you try to change, and it feels damn-near impossible.

You read more books, follow more gurus, try to consciously make changes.

Why aren’t the damn strategies working?!

You feel yourself slowly boomeranging back to the same old shit.

And you never stop to think and realize the accumulation of the poison that has built up within you for so long.

You let yourself, and all the parts of your SELF go such a long time ago, what did you expect?

There are no magic pills, baby.

Yes, of course, change and transformation can happen instantly, in a day, in a week.

But the question is do you really believe that yet?

Most don’t. Most people believe the opposite.

So when they do “try” and change doesn’t happen fast enough, what do they do?

They give up.

Start over.

Go back to square one, reading more books, following more gurus and doing more stuff in search of answers.

In search of a short cut?

In search of a clear cut path?

No, in search of what they can feel and know will work for them, but the truth is they already believe nothing will.

Because every time they half ass try something and give up before they reach the finish line, they add another layer of self-doubt, fear and limiting beliefs to the weight they’re carrying on their backs.

Then you keep going through life adding more layers and searching for more answers outside of yourself.

If only you’d realize sooner than later.

Turn off the auto-pilot and look in the mirror.

Can you sit alone with your thoughts?

Can you go more than a a few minutes without looking at your phone?

Do you always have to be busy, productive, doing, doing, doing?

You’re disconnected, boo. So much you don’t even see it.

You’re disconnected from yourself because you let yourself go. And after years and layers of limiting beliefs, you won’t even give yourself the time, grace and compassion to be consistent with the inner work and healing that’s truly gonna change everything for you.

The answers aren’t out there. They never were. They’ve always been inside you waiting for you to stop surviving and start living long enough to connect back into yourself and do whatever it takes to find them.

The Daily Self Audit

I challenge you to do a self-audit. Every day, this is how you ntake your self-dicsipline and awareness power back.

And you’re only lying to yourself if you can’t even sit with these questions and listen to what flows out of you in response:

How disciplined are you with guiding your thoughts?

How disciplined are you with checking your emotional compass?

How disciplined are you with listening to your body?

Where would more discipline in your life change things for you? How would that look?

Make it a point each day to pay more attention to what’s happening inside you than what’s happening in the world. Limiting beliefs are sneaky, subtle and have many masks.

They use the faces that you know and love to get you to stay exactly where you are. Why? Because that’s become your new normal, and you’ve grown comfortable in that discomfort.

The point I am trying to make is simple:

We are ALL running on auto-pilot with 95%+ of everything being ran by subconscious program rules; and 5% being controlled by you consciously.

The difference between a disciplined and undisciplined person is that they know and understand that they get to change those program rules whenever the hell they want.

They know that all change starts with looking inside.

And, they know that the longer those limiting beliefs have been festering inside them, the more focus, awareness and love they will have to invest in breaking them to create an empowering belief system.

The kicker is that you are ALREADY one of those people. You just don’t see it yet.

You have the power to change the program rules and make your own.

You have the ability to drastically change your life overnight, RIGHT NOW if you chose to. If you chose to love the way you want to be loved and be seen by others.

If you held yourself and everything and everyone in your circle to a non-negotiable standard.

If you chose again and again until it became automatic, to believe in yourself above all else.

But wanting isn’t enough. It’s gotta be a necessity. It’s gotta be a choice for life.

You have to be ready to walk away from the herd; walk alone, do whatever it takes.

But wanting isn’t enough. It’s gotta be a necessity. It’s gotta be a choice for life.

It’s your move, boss. What’s it gonna be?

Remember –

Life is a game. Break all the rules.


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