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My 7-Year Old Wants A Mustang

My son Noah asked me the other day why he couldn’t have a car right now. He said, he knows he’s going to get it eventually. He knows what make, model and color it will be. And he knows he will have to pay insurance for it LOL. So why wait until he was older? Why can’t...

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This is Why You’re Hopeless, Depressed and Done

When you were little, I bet you wanted to save the world. I bet whenever you would see kids less fortunate than you or hear of horrible news, you’d feel it inside. Your little body would feel an almost NEED to do something about it – even if you had no clue what it is...

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But I need to know: Are you an innovator or an imitator? No, really? What's the deal with you? Because here's the thing - I can't really tell. In fact, NO ONE can. What they see now is a shadow of who you really are. You know it, and I know it. You’ve put yourself...

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3 Pillars to Creating Any Digital Product

We live in a digital age where monetizing our passions and skills is easier than we think. Most of us have a wide range of skills and experiences we’ve collected throughout life. We are eager to share that wealth of knowledge and experiences to help other achieve...

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5 Things to Quit Right Now to Have an Epic 2017

The first quarter of 2017 came and went just like that. Some had a great start to the year while others are hanging to the possibility of a better Q2. Wherever it is that you may be in business today, as humans, the question is always the same when we see the year...

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